Pegasus TL- ICT for Education (Sep '04)

The Rock Pegasus is a sturdy 12-inch notebook which is ideal for students. The smaller screen means that the overall carrying weight is low, at 2.1kg. The proportions of the machine (290 x 225 x 30mm) offer similar portability in an ordinary case - one is supplied with the machine. Despite its small size, though, this is a fully featured notebook, with no significant flaws in the specification. A strong battery performance means the Pegasus could act as a users’ main workplace for most of the school day. The processor is a Pentium-M 1.6GHz, supported by 256MB of RAM. While the machine didn’t manage to achieve a particularly high benchmark score, we were impressed by its performance in general use.

Office and e-learning applications will not prove a burden to the machine, and graphics performance was sprightly. The 12-inch screen has a wider-than-usual aspect ratio, with a native resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. This is very useful for DVDs, of course, but is also useful for general Windows use, It’s probably not the best screen for elderly staff, though, since the high resolution reduces text in menus and on the desktop to a small size. The Pegasus offers a high degree of connectivity for such a small machine, though adapters will be needed for older peripherals requiring serial or parallel ports. The inclusion of an SD Card slot is particularly useful for digital camera users or for the easy transportation of documents between machines.

A three-year collect-and-return warranty, backed by insurance, complements the specifications to make a great value package for pupil use.


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