Solutions Rental

Why do Educational Institutions acquire IT Equipment using rockdirect solutions rental?

  1. Allows you to spread the cost of equipment over a period of 12 to 60 months.
2. Freeing up capital expenditure for other necessary acquisitions and staff.
3. ...and therefore extending your budget.

What type of rental options are available?

  1. Finance Lease - With a low capital outlay the contract can be extended for a nominal amount.
2. Operating Lease - The value of the asset at the end of the lease is taken into account, meaning you benefit from a lower rental price.
3. Technology Refresh - A lease custom made for the education sector, allowing you to regard your lease as a rolling investment in IT.
4. Donation Lease - Equipment to be donated to the institution at the end of the agreement.

What type of equipment can be included on these agreements?

  1. Laptops
2. Portable Classrooms
3. Whiteboards and Projectors

Equipment supplied under Laptop for Teachers and Laptop for Students schemes can be included.
See below for information on our gap insurance specifically designed for Student Schemes.

How flexible can these rental agreements be?

In a word "very!"

Payment periods can be between 12 and 60 months, payments can be made monthly, quarterly, termly and even annually.
It is even possible to create agreement, where payments can be delayed to the following term after the equipment is delivered.

If you have a specific requirement talk to us and we will see what can be done.

What do we know about rentals in education?

rockdirect solutions rental have partnered with Wyse Leasing Plc to provide innovative financial solutions for all educational institutions.
Wyse Leasing have 15 years experience in providing educational solutions and have the expertise and levels of service that are second to none.

What level of support, warranties and insurance cover are available?

  1. Standard rockdirect support
2. Standard rockdirect warranties
3. Notebook insurances covering:
  a. Theft
b. Fire & Flood
c. Accidental Damage
d. Gap Insurance - If you are looking to run a Laptop of Students Scheme Gap Insurance reduces the liability of the institution by covering rental cost in the situation where equipment is not being paid for by the student.
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