Tablet T200

The Tablet T200 hits the market as the 'Best Value' convertible tablet 'Without Compromise' - it's a fully functional notebook, but with all the benefits of tablet technology. Whether you require the functionality of a Laptop or the convenience of Pen and Paper, the Tablet T200 is the ultimate, versatile, ultra-portable business tool at a very affordable price.
The revolutionary rotating screen enables the true mobile user to convert their notebook into a tablet. The sharp, bright 14.1" TFT is the first ever 14" screen available on a Tablet PC which supports pen based input so you can scribble, jot, make notes as you naturally would using pen and paper. The 14.1" TFT screen is comparable to an A4 notepad.
Top View
Front View
Back View
Flat View
Side View

Main Specifications



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