Pinehurst Junior School
Steve Hobbs

Rock Direct gave excellent pre-sales services. A sales rep visited the school very soon after we made our enquiry. They demonstrated their product and explained its functions clearly, enabling a choice to be made quickly.

Pinehurst Junior School chose the Rock Direct Tablet Style computer for the following reasons:

  • High spec portable computer at low cost compared to Digital Tablet Computer.
  • High battery life and processor speed.
  • Touch screen technology.
  • Uses in MS paint i.e. very accurate stylus/mouse for accurate computer art.
  • Wireless access to school LAN and internet.
  • In-built colour camera for pupils to record their discussions and for future video conferencing.
  • Quality and style of computer.
  • 3year warranty.
So far we have found the product to be very reliable. An initial software problem was sorted out immediately and the solution sent by courier with CD the next day.



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