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TDS Digital Imaging and Video Technology is proving to be the number 1 choice for Interactive Whiteboard technology.

Interactive whiteboards are a revolutionary way to share information on your notebook with your customers, colleagues or pupils in the boardroom, command centre or classroom, etc.

By connecting a standard Windows based notebook, portable projector and a TDS ACTIVboard you have a powerful information tool, easily controlled by the TDS ACTIVpen, which works in exactly the same way as the PC mouse.

The TDS ACTIVboard is based on tried and tested digitiser technology, which TDS have designed and manufactured for over 20 years.

The TDS ACTIVboard uses electro-magnetic sensing technology. A small magnetic field is created over the surface of the board which the TDS ACTIVpen reacts to and then reflects the signal back to the board. The TDS ACTIVpen supports both left and right mouse clicks.


The TDS ACTIVpen is a truly cordless, battery free pen so there is no need to worry about charging or replacing batteries. The pen controls all the features of the software so there is no need for multiple pens.

Each board is supplied with 2 pens as standard, additional pens can be purchased at low cost.

In any group situation the use of an interactive whiteboard will change your presentation, and allow you to take control of the meeting and share information effortlessly with the audience.

Audience attention is focused on the board, improving interaction, resulting in greater knowledge retention.

  • Use the electronic flipchart facility to present ideas, brainstorm, plan, etc and then print the flipchart pages out to your Windows printer.
  • Share the TDS ACTIVboard software with standard Windows software such as Netmeeting for truly interactive e-meetings in conjunction with the video conferencing or share education based content on the internet to allow group participation.

BOARDmate software

Each TDS ACTIVboard is supplied with a copy of BOARDmate software.

This simple to use software lets you make the most of the TDS ACTIVboard by adding a set of useful tools and utilities to enhance any group based activity.

Simply choose the pen colour, thickness and write! Select the highlighter pen to emphasise particular points or change the background colour for better contrast.

A 99 page flipchart is available with easy navigation between pages with a thumbnail viewer.

The electronic flipchart supports windows cut/paste facilities to import text and foreground picture and much more...

Please call or email for pricing on the TDS ACTIVboard range and Accessories.

TDS Activboard Features & Benefits

Click here to download the TDS Activboard features and benefits pdf document [33Kb]

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