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Reviews / Pegasus 665 - Computer Shopper


Rock Pegasus is quick in windows and has a high-resolution display, but it’s battery and HDD are poor and it’s a little expensive.

Pegasus has a 15.4in wide screen display, but its high resolution of 1680x1050 matches that of the 17in screen on Evesham’s Quest. This makes it easy to work on two documents side by side, but reading small text can be uncomfortable for those with poor eyesight.

The display’s poor image quality doesn’t help. It’s very dark, even at the highest brightness settings, with noticeable shifts in colour accuracy at different viewing angles. We also noticed considerable coarseness in out colour and greyscale transition tests.

The 80Gb HDD is the smallest in the group, and serious typists will find the spongy keyboard tiresome to use. Annoyingly, the placement of the delete and insert keys to the left of the cursor keys makes it too easy to overwrite your typing accidentally. The touch pad is small but accurate, with firm and responsive buttons.

The Pegasus performed well in our benchmarks thanks to its 2Gb RAM and a Core 2 Duo T5600 Processor, scoring 147 overall. It’s not the fastest notebook in the group but it can handle all but the most strenuous tasks. It ran our Call of Duty 2 test at 18fps, and is capable of playing the latest of 3D games. You’ll have to lower the resolution or the graphical detail setting to get a smooth frame rate, though.

The Pegasus has the shortest battery life of any notebook in this group. It lasted for just one hour and 38 minutes in our test, making it unsuitable for regular mobile use.

The 665 T56 has a high-resolution screen, but its image quality is poor and its battery life is the worst here. It’s also the most expensive notebook in the group. It’s not good value.

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