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Reviews / Pegasus T12 - IT Reviews


rock T12...seven hours of unplugged Core 2 Duo laptop performance

As quoted from IT Reviews:

"The use of Intel·s Core 2 Duo means smarter battery performance, as the processor is able to transfer power only to those areas of the processor that need it, plus its enhanced voltage efficiency supports cooler and quieter systems.

So how does it live up to the claims? Well, after a full charge, we subjected the battery to some heavy-duty action time on F.E.A.R. while keeping the Net open throughout, writing some documents and listening to music. It didn·t finally give up the ghost until seven hours and 15 minutes had elapsed.

Rock - Pegasus T12 features - Verdict
This will be a huge boon to those who want uninterrupted notebook operation, whether on the road or in a teaching capacity, as well as the speed, power-saving and multitasking ability of the Intel Core 2 Duo processors."

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