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Reviews / Meivo - News of the World


I’m a PC and a TV

A NEW British PC could change the way you look at the world-because it’s a telly as well. And it might give some of the high-end computer makers such as Sony and Apple a good old shake-up too.

The Meivo TV is an HD-ready LCD telly with an on-board computer… and it comes loaded with Microsoft’s latest Windows Vista.

It offers the all-in-one function of watching TV, accessing the internet, emailing and downloading information and films.

The widescreen is framed in Perspex with integrated speakers. And, just like the best Vaio or Mac, the computer sits behind the slimline screen, so there’s no ugly box taking up space.

The Meivo comes from British firm rock, the high-performance notebook maker, and is packed with a powerful Intel core 2 duo desktop class processor.

It comes with its own PC gaming hardware thanks to its upgradeable MXM graphics card. There’s an integrated camera at the top of the screen for Skype video calls or You Tube blogging if you hook it up to broadband. It’s great for playing music, sync-ing your MP3 library and storing videos as well.

If you want a multi-media PC that looks and sounds good enough for any room in the house this 22-inch beauty is ideal. And for under £1,000 it’s a bargain too. See www.meivo.tv

It’s certainly a better buy than the HP Touchsmart IQ770 with its touch-sensitive display.

OK, that has 320Gb worth of storage, nVidia graphics card, 2Gb RAM, WiFi and it’s loaded with Windows Vista.

You can navigate with your fingertips, but it also comes with a keyboard and mouse. And you might find you need them as your fingertips will be too fat to control unless you change the setting.

Plugging in a USB antenna or using the built-in DVB-T tuner turns it into a TV and the huge hard drive means you can store hours of shows. But HP need to upgrade a few of the features before it’s worth the £1,200 price tag.

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