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Reviews / Pegasus 335 - Computer Shopper


Rock’s Pegasus 335 has a small display and is fairly portable

The display measures 13.3” diagonally. This is small enough to make the notebook quite portable, but big enough to support a native resolution of 1280x800 without straining your eyes. Its image quality is one of the best here, and it passed all our tests without difficulty.

The keyboard is a decent size. All the keys are large enough and its comfortable to type on, but the keys could be slightly deeper. The touchpad is accurate, though the buttons could do with some more feedback.

The Pegasus has all the sockets you’ll need, but only three USB ports. One of these provides power even if the Laptop is turned off, making it ideal to charge you ipod. The speaker’s sound rather muffled, so you’ll need an external set or headphones to enjoy music on this notebook. A USB digital TV tuner is included, but it doesn’t work with Vista’s Media Centre. Instead you’ll have to use the less slick software provided. The 80Gb HDD will fill up quickly if you regularly record TV shows.

The Pegasus Intel Core 2 Duo T5600 processor runs at a quick 1.83Ghz and it produced a respectable score of 141.

There’s no dedicated 3D graphics chip, however, and the integrated graphics system couldn’t run out doom3 benchmark. The battery is disappointing and ran out in 2 hours and 14 minutes in our test. This isn’t sufficient for regular working on the move and restrict its service as a portable notebook.

Computer Shopper Summary
Rock’s Pegasus is a compact notebook with a nice display. Unfortunately, its poor battery limits its usefulness as a portable notebook.
Good Points: Great display; Easily portable; TV included.
Bad Points: Small HDD; Poor battery life.

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