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Reviews / Xtreme 685 - PC Gamer


The most powerful machine in our round-up, this has arguably the best mobile CPU currently available, and an AMD graphics card that shows the popular GeForce GTX 460M what high end really means. It·s almost twice as fast in AvPDX11 benchmarks, turning slideshows into playable games.

Not only is it the best performer across the board, you can run six displays off its GPU.

It·s also an impressive design: it’s not quite as well put together as the 15-inch MSI GX660R, but it is thinner and lighter and has a rubbery texture that·s not dissimilar to the Alienware and G73. The keyboard is one of the better chiclet ones around – although still chiclet – and the speakers aren·t bad either. Plus, thanks to that processor, it has a decent battery life when not gaming.

The drawback is the price, which even considering you get a Blu-ray drive is eyewatering for a 15-inch laptop. It·s worth looking at Rock·s online configurator, though, with which you can shave a couple of hundred pounds off without damaging performance too much.


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