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News / The rockdirect Hardbook: built for resilience


rockdirect broadens it range of consumer notebooks with the introduction of the Hardbook, a powerful semi-ruggedised model protected by a magnesium alloy casing which is proven to be 20x stronger than the ABS plastic used in the manufacture of other standard consumer notebooks. This tough casing makes the Hardbook ideal for all mobile professionals in both outdoor and indoor roles.

The Hardbook is designed to survive the rigors of daily use whilst offering the highest level of performance. Inside, the notebook·s hard drive is surrounded by rubberised foam, which acts as a safeguard against shock and vibration.

The keyboard adheres to the IP31 ruggedised standard guaranteeing that it is resilient to up to 100cc of accidental spillage and protected from foreign objects larger than 2.5mm in diameter preventing internal damage and malfunction. The Hardbook has also been drop tested repeatedly from 70cm onto a hard surface. A lockable tray on the DVD writer avoids damage resulting from accidental ejects or drops.

All rockdirect Hardbooks feature; Intel® Centrino™ Mobile technology, DVD writer, 15.1 high definition SXGA+ TFT screen, 60GB hard drive and a minimum of 3 USB 2.0 ports as standard. Customers have the option of customising and upgrading their Hardbook to suit their individual needs.

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