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» What are the hardware/operating system requirements? Any 32 Windows environment (Windows 95/NT 4.... [ view ]
» I can't get the Product Key to work. To enter a Product Key, follow these steps: Start any Abi... [ view ]
» How do you turn off the registration wizard? Problem: I've registered, but I still get the regist... [ view ]
» How do I remove Ability Office? Use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and then select "Ability... [ view ]
» How to use the hot key for brightness control adjustment? - To adjust the display brightness, you... [ view ]
» How do I get a display on an external monitor? - Press and hold the Function [Fn] key and at the ... [ view ]
» My notebook seems to run very slow when booting and in windows, what can I do? - If your machine ... [ view ]
» Why does the cooling fan only work sometimes? - The CPU cooling fan assembly is equipped with tem... [ view ]
» How do I get an external mouse to work? - Plug in a PS/2 mouse with power switched off then boot ... [ view ]
» The DVD seems to very unstable and jumpy? - Right click My computer then Properties and then Devi... [ view ]
» My modem doesn't connect at 56Kbps, what should I do ? - It is not necessary that the modems have... [ view ]
» My battery life is getting shorter, what should I do? The problem is caused by re-charging a batt... [ view ]
» BIOS Update A BIOS software update is available to resolve some stability issues experienced by a... [ view ]
» How long does the battery take to fully recharge? - The battery takes about 8hrs to fully recharg... [ view ]
» Airstation General Specifications The AirStation standard model (WBR-G54) is used in the enviro... [ view ]
» Wireless PCMCIA card General Specifications The Buffalo wireless PCMCIA card (WLI-PCM-L11G) consi... [ view ]
» Approved PCMCIA cards We strongly recommend that you only use rock Support aproved PCMCIA devices... [ view ]
» How Do I attach my notebook to a television ? - You can switch to TV mode by going into Windows. ... [ view ]
» How do I get a display on an external monitor? - Press and hold the Function [Fn] key and at the ... [ view ]
» How to use the hot key for brightness control adjustment? - To adjust the display brightness, you... [ view ]
» How does my touchpad mouse work ? - The touchpad is a heat sensitive device and not pressure. ( i... [ view ]
» Why does the power button work instantly when the machine is running from the PSU , however when the... [ view ]
» A: the computer's first disk drive, usually a 3.5" floppy disk drive.... [ view ]
» ADAPTEC: A leading manufacturer of SCSI controllers... [ view ]
» ADDRESS: Precise memory location used by specific devices.... [ view ]
» AGP: (ADVANCED GRAPHICS PORT): This is a special interface designed to speed up 3D graphics p... [ view ]
» AMD: Advanced Micro Devices. AMD produce processors like Intel. The K6 processor can be liken... [ view ]
» ATAPI: AT ATTACHMENT PACKET INTERFACE. A subset of EIDE used for controlling CD-ROM drives, a... [ view ]
» ATI: A manufacturer of video cards and video chips.... [ view ]
» AUTOEXEC.BAT: A key system file under DOS/Windows 9x that configures the system environment a... [ view ]
» AWARD: A manufacturer of PC BIOS’.... [ view ]
» BAUD RATES: The maximum number of changes that can occur per second in sending and receiving ... [ view ]
» BIOS: BASIC INPUT/OUTPUT SYSTEM. This utility is supplied with all computers. The basic hardw... [ view ]
» BNC: BRITISH NAVAL CONNECTOR. This is a type of socket/plug used to connect coaxial network c... [ view ]
» BOOT: The initial sequence that takes place once you turn the computer on.... [ view ]
» BOOT DRIVE: This is the drive that will be accessed first. In most computers you have the opt... [ view ]
» BPS: BITS PER SECOND. This is a basic measurement of communication speeds. For example Modems... [ view ]
» BROWSER: This is a program typically Internet Explorer or Netscape, which allows you to brows... [ view ]
» BUS: A computer's bus is for transportation of computer data. Inside your computer, binary da... [ view ]
» C: The computers drive letter typically for the hard disk drive.... [ view ]
» CACHE: A small section, usually 32k to 512k of super fast static RAM chips with its own bus t... [ view ]
» CD: See Compact Disc.... [ view ]
» CDR: Compact Disc Recordable. This is a type of CD that can be written to using a special CD... [ view ]
» CD-ROM: COMPACT DISC-READ ONLY MEMORY. A compact disc that contains up to 700MB of data.... [ view ]
» CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT: This is the "heart" and the "brain" of the PC. Just like a heart bea... [ view ]
» CLUSTER: A group of sectors on a floppy or hard disk treated as a unit by the operating syste... [ view ]
» CMOS: COMPLEMENTARY METAL-OXIDE SEMICONDUCTOR. When in the context of computing CMOS refers t... [ view ]
» CLOCK SPEED: See MHz... [ view ]
» CODEC: The Compression/Decompression system used to reduce the size of media or transmission ... [ view ]
» COLD BOOT: Restarting a computer by turning off the system power and turning it back on again... [ view ]
» COM PORT: A serial port for attaching modems, plotters, mice etc. to a system. There are usua... [ view ]
» COMMAND.COM: This is a command used by DOS based operating systems, e.g. DOS, Windows 3.11 an... [ view ]
» COMMUNICATIONS PORT: See Serial Port... [ view ]
» COMPACT DISC: A plastic coated foil disc, 5.25” across that can store 80mins of audio or 700M... [ view ]
» COMPRESSION: Reduces the size of files. E.g. ZIP files, which are usually found on the Intern... [ view ]
» CONFIG.SYS: This is the file on a computer which performs memory configuration operations. Th... [ view ]
» COOKIE: A harmless text file stored on your hard drive created by a web site you will have vi... [ view ]
» CPU: See 'Central Processing Unit'. ... [ view ]
» DIP SWITCH: Switch mounted on PC board for configuration options. For example some notebooks ... [ view ]
» DIRECTORY: A “folder” that contains files on a computer disk. For example, you can make a dir... [ view ]
» DIRECT X: This is an add-on to Windows made by Microsoft that allows programmers to communica... [ view ]
» DLL: Dynamic Link Library is a collection of Windows programs that load into memory as requir... [ view ]
» DMA: Direct Memory Access channels are set-aside to allow memory transfer without CPU interve... [ view ]
» DOCKING STATION: A unit which can hold hard drives, CD-ROMS etc. Also has expansion slots for... [ view ]
» DOS: DISK OPERATING SYSTEM. DOS has been around for years and has proved to be very popular. ... [ view ]
» DRAG AND DROP: A feature of Windows whereby files and text within documents can be moved arou... [ view ]
» DRIVER: A program that translates instructions for peripheral devices. Also known as device d... [ view ]
» DSTN: or DUAL scan To create a better picture than those on early passive-matrix, flat-panel ... [ view ]
» DUAL BOOT: Allows the computer to boot to two different operating systems (Windows & Linux, f... [ view ]
» DUMB BATTERY: This is the name given to a battery that gives no indication of how much charge... [ view ]
» DVD: Digital Versatile Disk. This is an optical disk technology that is expected to rapidly r... [ view ]
» E-MAIL: A system whereby each user has a unique address and can send and receive information ... [ view ]
» ETHERNET CARD: A card, which allows you to plug your notebook into your local network, allowi... [ view ]
» FAT: FILE ALLOCATION TABLE. The system used for storing information on the hard disks under D... [ view ]
» FAX: A fax (short for facsimile) is a document transferred electronically across a telephone ... [ view ]
» FDD: FLOPPY DISK DRIVE. This device reads from and writes to floppy disks. Drives are classif... [ view ]
» FIREWIRE: See IEEE 1394... [ view ]
» FM SYNTHESIS: FREQUENCY MODULATION. Is used by entry-level sound cards for sound and music re... [ view ]
» FTP: FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL. This is a means of transferring binary files across the Internet... [ view ]
» FULL DUPLEX: This is usually used for sound cards, although modems are capable of doing this ... [ view ]
» Gb: GIGABYTE. This is 1000 MegaBytes (Mb).... [ view ]
» GPF: GENERAL PROTECTION FAULT. This happens when a piece of software crashes. In Windows 9x i... [ view ]
» GSM: GLOBAL SYSTEMS for MOBILE communications. The digital system for mobile phone communicat... [ view ]
» GUI: GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE. This is a system whereby a user can control a computer using m... [ view ]
» HALF-DUPLEX: This is similar to Full Duplex, but instead of being able to send and receive da... [ view ]
» HANDSHAKING: A process by which two devices communicate. The best example would be with a Mod... [ view ]
» HARD DISK: This is a data storage system engineered like a stack of record platters. The plat... [ view ]
» HEAD CRASH: occurs when the read/write head assembly of a hard drive strikes the surface of t... [ view ]
» HEAT SINK: An aluminium radiator that dissipates heat. Fast CPU’s like the Pentium 4 have hea... [ view ]
» HIMEM.SYS: the DOS/Windows device driver that manages extended memory. It is one of the first... [ view ]
» HTML: HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE. This is a scripting language that web pages are usually writ... [ view ]
» HTTP: HYPERTEXT TRANSFER PROTOCOL. This is the standard used to transmit data (specifically w... [ view ]
» HUB: This is a device, which connects computers together over a network. They usually use RJ4... [ view ]
» IEEE 1394: Also referred to as Firewire although this is in fact a term for Apple Macs. It is... [ view ]
» INTEL: Intel designed the CPU for the first PC, and has since developed most of the CPU’s use... [ view ]
» INTELLIGENT BATTERY: This is the name given to a battery that is capable of telling you have ... [ view ]
» INTERNAL/EXTERNAL RESOLUTION: Some notebooks can drive an external monitor at a higher graphi... [ view ]
» I/O: INPUT/OUTPUT. Input/Output refers to data transfer from input devices (keyboard, mouse, ... [ view ]
» I/O ADDRESS: memory location for a particular device (disk drive, sound card, printer port, e... [ view ]
» IO.SYS: A hidden DOS file that loads on boot with the MSDOS.SYS and the COMMAND.COM to provid... [ view ]
» IPX: Internet Packet eXchange is a Novell Netware communications protocol that handles routin... [ view ]
» IRQ: INTERRUPT REQUEST. This is a function of the PC that allows devices to communicate direc... [ view ]
» ISP: INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER. This is a company or organisation that provides a service to ... [ view ]
» JAVA: a programming language designed to create programs which can run on multiple computer p... [ view ]
» JAVASCRIPT: not be confused with Java, JavaScript, which originated at Netscape, is interpret... [ view ]
» JAZ: This is a removable re-writeable storage format from Iomega. A Jaz cartridge can hold 1G... [ view ]
» External USB Hard Disk Drive Main Features: - USB 2.0 (Works with USB 2.0 or USB 1.1) - Dimen... [ view ]
» JUMPER: This is a physical switch used to change the settings of a device. A jumper consists ... [ view ]
» Kb: KILOBYTE. This is 1024 bytes.... [ view ]
» KEYBOARD: This is the interface that is used to type up your documents etc. On a notebook, th... [ view ]
» KEYBOARD BUFFER: A small amount of memory set aside to store keystrokes by a fast typist.... [ view ]
» LANDING ZONE: This area is set-aside on a hard drive platter for the heads to rest when the s... [ view ]
» LAN: LOCAL AREA NETWORK. A LAN is when two or more computers or other devices are connected t... [ view ]
» LPT1: The first parallel or printer port on a PC. ... [ view ]
» LCD: LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY. This is another name for the display panel. Liquid Crystal Displ... [ view ]
» LED: LIGHT EMITTING DIODE. This is a device that lights up when electricity flows through it ... [ view ]
» USB Lead-BUS Features - Blinking LED indicator to show PC 's USB port is ready. - Full compli... [ view ]
» Li-ION BATTERY: LITHIUM ION BATTERY. These new batteries have been developed to give more lif... [ view ]
» LS-120 DRIVE: Similar to a floppy disk drive but capable of taking a disk which stores 120Mb.... [ view ]
» Mb: A megabyte is 1024 kilobytes.... [ view ]
» MHz: MegaHertz. The speed, or clock rate, that a processor runs at. One Hertz is one pulse pe... [ view ]
» MICROSOFT: Microsoft developed an operating system called MS-DOS. Their operating systems hav... [ view ]
» MMO: Intel’s Mobile Module, a single chip containing a processor, chipset, cache and other el... [ view ]
» MMX: MULTIMEDIA EXTENSIONS. This is a series of 57 CPU instructions designed to enhance multi... [ view ]
» MODEM: MODULATE DEMODULATE. This is a device, which allows a computer to connect to another c... [ view ]
» MONITOR PORT: A socket at the back of the notebook that can be used to connect an external mo... [ view ]
» MOTHERBOARD: Also known as the mainboard or the system board. The motherboard is the main cir... [ view ]
» MPEG Software: The MPEG standards are an evolving set of standards for video and audio compre... [ view ]
» MPEG-1 was designed for coding progressive video at a transmission rate of about 1.5 million ... [ view ]
» MPEG-2 was designed for coding interlaced images at transmission rates above 4 million bits p... [ view ]
» MSCDEX.EXE: The file used by DOS and Windows to assign a drive letter to the CD-ROM. This pro... [ view ]
» NETWORK CARD: See Ethernet Card.... [ view ]
» NDIS: the Network Device Driver Specification is the developed by Microsoft and 3COM... [ view ]
» NETBUI: the NetBIOS Extended User Interface is an enhanced version of NetBIOS... [ view ]
» NETBIOS: File and printer sharing protocol for networks.... [ view ]
» NiCad BATTERIES: NICKEL CADMIUM. NiCad rechargeable batteries used in portable computers. The... [ view ]
» NiMH BATTERIES: NICKEL METAL-HYDRIDE. Longer-lasting rechargeable batteries. This was the nex... [ view ]
» NTSC: NATIONAL TELEVISION STANDARD COMMITTEE. This television standard is used primarily in t... [ view ]
» NTFS: NEW TECHNOLOGY FILE SYSTEM. This is a file system used in Windows NT and Windows 2000. ... [ view ]
» OLE: Object Linking and Embedding. This is Windows programming that allows a document created... [ view ]
» OPERATING SYSTEM: the master program that, after being initially loaded into the computer by ... [ view ]
» PAL: PHASE ATTENUATION BY LINE. This is a television transmission standard used throughout Eu... [ view ]
» USB Serial Converter Features - Full compliance with the USB Specification v1.1 - Support th... [ view ]
» PARALLEL PORT: Also known as LPT1. The parallel port is a 25 pin female port at the back of t... [ view ]
» PARTITION: Before a hard drive can be used on a PC, the drive must be partitioned. A hard dri... [ view ]
» PCI: PERIPHERAL COMPONENT INTERCONNECT. This is the latest 32-bit architecture commonly used ... [ view ]
» PENTIUM: This is the most recent CPU from Intel. It has a 64-bit internal design and 3.1 mill... [ view ]
» PERIPHERAL: any hardware device attached to a PC: printer, modem, monitor, etc.... [ view ]
» PIXEL: PICTURE ELEMENT: All notebook displays are made up of a grid of small dots (pixels). B... [ view ]
» PLUG & PLAY: a Microsoft / Intel specification that allows for self-configuration of computer... [ view ]
» PORT REPLICATOR: Similar to a docking station, but does not add any hardware. It allows the u... [ view ]
» POWER SUPPLY UNIT: PSU. This converts 230VAC mains into 5 and 12V DC required by the notebook... [ view ]
» PROCESSOR: Also known as the ‘chip’. This is the brain of the computer, obeying the instructi... [ view ]
» PS/2 PORT: An external type of port, which allows you to connect your mouse or keyboard to th... [ view ]
» RAM: RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY. It is known as “random” because every byte of RAM can be individua... [ view ]
» REBOOT: restarting a computer. You can do this by hitting the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys together (war... [ view ]
» RESOLUTION: The fineness of detail produced on a printer or monitor. A printer’s resolution i... [ view ]
» ROM: READ ONLY MEMORY. This form of memory holds their programming contents permanently. For ... [ view ]
» SCSI: SMALL COMPUTER SYSTEM INTERFACE. This can support up to 8 devices (including the contro... [ view ]
» SDRAM: (Synchronous dynamic random access memory). This is a generic name for various kinds o... [ view ]
» SECTOR: This is the smallest storage unit allocated on a hard drive.... [ view ]
» SEEK TIME: the average time it takes for a hard drive to position its heads to a specific are... [ view ]
» SERIAL PORT: This is a connection for a serial device like a mouse or a modem. On a PC, this ... [ view ]
» SGRAM: (Synchronous Graphics RAM). This is clock-synchronized RAM that is used for video memo... [ view ]
» SURROUND SOUND: It is known as 3D Sound as well. Stereo sound is standard and uses two speake... [ view ]
» SVGA: SUPER VIDEO GRAPHICS ARRAY. This is an enhanced version of VGA. Unlike VGA, SVGA tends ... [ view ]
» TCP/IP: This is the most widely used routeable network protocol, also the protocol which is u... [ view ]
» TFT: Thin Film Transistor, a superior type of LCD screen also referred to as ‘active matrix d... [ view ]
» TRACKPAD/POINT: A pointing device that allows you to move the mouse pointer by sliding a fing... [ view ]
» TRUE COLOR: video cards that can show 24-bit colour (up to 16.7 million colours). Video cards... [ view ]
» TSR: TERMINATE STAY RESIDENT. This is a program which when loaded stays in memory and remains... [ view ]
» UDMA: ULTRA DIRECT MEMORY ACCESS. This is a new standard replacing the EIDE of hard drives. T... [ view ]
» USB: UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS. A system of connecting up to 127 different peripherals (printers, ... [ view ]
» V.90: This is a standard for 56kbps modems. V.90 modems are designed to have download speeds ... [ view ]
» VGA: Video Graphics Array, now considered a minimal screen display. 640x480 pixels in at leas... [ view ]
» VIDEO CONFERENCING: A setup in which each person has a small video camera on their desk enabl... [ view ]
» VIRUS: a piece of programming code inserted into other programming to cause some unexpected a... [ view ]
» WINDOWS: The most popular Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the PC. Windows allows you to go... [ view ]
» WIN.INI: a primary Windows configuration file.... [ view ]
» WIRELESS COMMS: This is electronic communications without using cables. Such as Infra red.... [ view ]
» WWW: WORLD WIDE WEB. This is the most popular part of the Internet. This is the collective te... [ view ]
» XGA: Extended Graphics Array. A computer display system that offers a resolution of 1,024x768... [ view ]
» ZIP DRIVE: a small, portable disk drive used primarily for backing up and archiving personal ... [ view ]
» ZIP FILES: A commonly used software compression format. ZIP software uses advanced data compr... [ view ]
» How do I get a display on an external monitor? - Press and hold the Function [Fn] key and at the ... [ view ]
» How to use the hot key for brightness control adjustment? - To adjust the display brightness, yo... [ view ]
» Why does my notebook not have a Comm Port? - New Laptops are now coming without external comm po... [ view ]
» How do I get a display on an external monitor? - Press and hold the Function [Fn] key and at the ... [ view ]
» How to use the hot key for brightness control adjustment? - To adjust the display brightness, you... [ view ]
» Can I install Windows 2000 and Windows XP on the same machine (dual boot)? - Unfortunately we don... [ view ]
» How do I get a display on an external monitor? - Press and hold the Function [Fn] key and at the ... [ view ]
» How to use the hot key for brightness control adjustment? - To adjust the display brightness, you... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows 2... [ view ]
» Encryption: A method of scrambling sensitive messages and data so that they cannot be read wi... [ view ]
» Ethernet: A popular standard for linking computers in a network. Thin Ethernet networks use t... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows 2... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows 2... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows 2... [ view ]
» Windows 98 Audio Driver Windows 98... [ view ]
» Windows 98 Audio Driver Windows 98 ... [ view ]
» Windows Me Audio Driver Windows Me... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows ... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows ... [ view ]
» Windows NT4 Audio Driver Windows NT... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows 2... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows 2... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows ... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows 2... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows 2... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows ... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows ... [ view ]
» Windows Me Audio Driver Windows Me... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows ... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows 2... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows 2... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows ... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows ... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows 2... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows 2... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows 2... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows ... [ view ]
» Windows Me Audio Driver Windows Me... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows ... [ view ]
» Windows 98 Audio Driver Windows 98... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows 2... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows ... [ view ]
» Windows NT4 Audio Driver Windows NT... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows ... [ view ]
» Windows 98 Audio Driver Windows 98... [ view ]
» Windows Me Audio Driver Windows Me... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows ... [ view ]
» Windows 98 Audio Driver Windows 98... [ view ]
» Windows NT4 Audio Driver Windows NT... [ view ]
» Windows NT4 Audio Driver Windows NT... [ view ]
» Windows 2000 Audio Driver Windows ... [ view ]
» Windows NT4 Audio Driver Windows NT... [ view ]
» Extranet: A website offering secure access to suppliers, partners and clients to share corpor... [ view ]
» How do I install the Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional Edition operating ... [ view ]
» How do I install the Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional Edition operating ... [ view ]
» What should I do if my Quaddra Ti Bluetooth Module isnt working ? Check the LED status (Mail LED ... [ view ]
» How do i access the BIOS on my Quaddra Ti ? Power the notebook on and press F2 when prom... [ view ]
» The webcam on my Quaddra Ti is dark in colour, what should i do ? Check to make sure the correct ... [ view ]
» Analog: The technology used by the original mobile phones. Like traditional radio broadcasts,... [ view ]
» Apache: A free web server program. Apache is usually associated with Unix/Linux, but is also ... [ view ]
» Broadband: High speed access to the Internet, generally at speeds of around 512Kbps or faster... [ view ]
» Cable modem: A device allowing high speed access to the Internet over the same wiring used by... [ view ]
» CGI (Common Gateway Interface): This is the mechanism by which a "script" receives the data e... [ view ]
» DAT: Digital Audio Tape (DAT) is a compact, high capacity form of data storage, suitable for ... [ view ]
» Database: A database collects information into an electronic file, for example a list of cust... [ view ]
» Data compression: A process that reduces the amount of data needed to store or send a video o... [ view ]
» Data storage: Any type of information - words, figures, still or moving images, sound or musi... [ view ]
» Dedicated server: A server which is used solely for use by one organisation. The server is le... [ view ]
» Desktop publishing: Desktop publishing (DTP) software was originally developed to allow compu... [ view ]
» Digital certificate: An electronic statement issued by a certificate authority that verifies ... [ view ]
» Digital signature: A section of data appended to a message which authenticates the informatio... [ view ]
» Domain name: A convention used to allocate and structure the Internet hierarchy into meaningf... [ view ]
» EDI (Electronic data interchange): EDI is the exchange of business documents, like orders and... [ view ]
» Bluetooth File Transfer with Windows XP Bluetooth is primarily used as a cable repl... [ view ]
» File server: Also known as a server, this is a dedicated machine that runs the network operat... [ view ]
» Gateway: An access point connecting one network on the Internet with another neighbouring net... [ view ]
» GIF (Graphical Interchange Format): A compressed graphics system used commonly on the Interne... [ view ]
» Hyperlink: A connection linking different pieces of information on the web. Hyperlinks (or 'h... [ view ]
» IIS (Internet Information Server): This is the Microsoft web server program. A version called... [ view ]
» Internet: The Internet is a global network of computers with roughly 500 million users, all o... [ view ]
» Intranet - An intranet is a 'private internet', not necessarily linked to the Internet itself... [ view ]
» ISDN (integrated services digital network): A fast phone line that significantly increases th... [ view ]
» JPEG (Joint Picture Expert Group): A graphical image compression system used widely on the In... [ view ]
» Palmtop: A palmtop (or PDA, personal digital assistant) is basically a computer in the form o... [ view ]
» PERL (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language): A popular language for web scripting (use... [ view ]
» PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor): A popular scripting language supported by Unix/Linux and Window... [ view ]
» POP: It is important, when use a dial-up connection to the Internet, that you do so though a ... [ view ]
» Proxy server: An intermediary application that sits between a client and a server, and which ... [ view ]
» Protocol: The set of rules governing the format and control of messages being sent around a n... [ view ]
» Shareware: Shareware software is distributed free, usually via the Internet. You can use it f... [ view ]
» Spam: Unsolicited email advertising which targets many recipients simultaneously.... [ view ]
» SSL (Secure Socket Layers): Netscape's de facto standard for encrypting TCP/IP applications, ... [ view ]
» Telnet: An application allowing remote login between computers located anywhere on the Intern... [ view ]
» UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): A system which allows computers to keep running for a li... [ view ]
» URL (uniform resource locator): is the address of a file accessible on the Internet, such as ... [ view ]
» WAN (Wide Area Network): WANs offer ways of linking computers at different office sites, perh... [ view ]
» WiFi (Wireless Fidelity): A radio frequency standard that is used to connect devices, such as... [ view ]
» XML (eXtensible Markup Language): A modern, very flexible language that is increasingly bein... [ view ]
» What are the RAM limitations on the Agenda XT ? The Agenda XT can use either Pc100Mhz or PC133Mhz... [ view ]
» The modem on my Agenda XT is not working, what should i do ? Check the phone line connection. So... [ view ]
» My keyboard does not work properly, when I press shift + 2 I get the @ sign and when I press shift +... [ view ]
» How to activate Windows XP (Product Activation) The information in this article applies to: · M... [ view ]
» How do I Reload Windows XP on a Raid set up with my Quaddra Ti? Without a FDD you cannot c... [ view ]
» BIOS update Some customers have reported a minor issue with sound during DVD/video file playback ... [ view ]
» Installing Device Drivers Under Windows XP Once the windows operating system has been i... [ view ]
» Sound Issue Some customers have reported that they can not get any sound from the notebook, even ... [ view ]
» Sound Issue Some customers have reported that after they resume from standby the sound from the n... [ view ]
» A few customers have noticed that the notebook will not power up when using the battery only. We hav... [ view ]
» Issue with Starbook 855 and Windows XP Service Pack 2 rock Support has identified an issue... [ view ]
» Taking Care of your Rechargeable Battery Firstly, important information you need to know ... [ view ]
» How to find Linux drivers for your system Graphics Accellerators ... [ view ]
» Issue with Panda Anti-Virus and Windows XP SP2 Update The Panda Anti-Virus software as ... [ view ]
» Agenda MMO/MMX - Accessing the BIOS and default options To get into the BIOS setup pres... [ view ]
» Agenda (MMX/MMO) - Questions & Answers How do I check to see what version of BIO... [ view ]
» Simple BIOS utility settings The BIOS can be used to set your notebook's sy... [ view ]
» Questions & Answers Agenda Si Is my Agenda Si Notebook year ... [ view ]
» Installing Windows XP Home On Rock Agenda SI Introduction... [ view ]
» Rock Agenda XT BIOS Settings ... [ view ]
» Questions & Answers - Sigma DI How do I check to see what version of BIOS I have... [ view ]
» Questions & Answers - Sigma How do I access the BIOS and what are the defau... [ view ]
» Sigma Si BIOS information The BIOS can be used to set your notebook's system parameters. ... [ view ]
» Questions & Answers Sigma SI Is my Sigma SI No... [ view ]
» Xeno BIOS utility settings The BIOS can be used to set your notebook's system parameter... [ view ]
» Questions & Answers Xeno How do I access the BIOS and what are the default facto... [ view ]
» Xeno M BIOS utility settings The BIOS can be used to set your notebook's system ... [ view ]
» Questions & Answers Xeno M Is my Xeno M Notebook year 2000 compliant? ... [ view ]
» Wireless LAN Driver with WPA Support We are now able to offer a driver for the optional internal ... [ view ]
» Service Pack 2 Update Microsoft has released an update for Windows XP Home, Professional, ... [ view ]
» IMPORTANT NOTICE Windows Update will offer a selection of driver software updates to AV... [ view ]
» External USB 2.0 Hard Drives If you have purchased an external USB 2.0 Hard Drive with your noteb... [ view ]
» Reinstalling your Operating System Please note that due to the way the instant on PowerCinema fun... [ view ]
» WiFi Driver for Notebooks with External Bluetooth Please note that if your notebook features exte... [ view ]
» Issue with DVD/MPEG video playback after updating video drivers Some customers have reported a mi... [ view ]
» How can I burn to RAM discs? Burning to DVD RAM discs with Roxio Creator is only supported throug... [ view ]
» How Do I Register to Recieve Updates? The Roxio Creator 7 product supplied with notebooks does no... [ view ]
» Setting up Surround Sound Speakers This notebook supports 5.1/7.1 surround sound output through S... [ view ]
» Modem Issue We have identified an issue relating to the modem driver on this notebook and are ple... [ view ]
» Password Protection of BIOS Settings Please note that when the BIOS password is set on this noteb... [ view ]
» Windows Producct Activation Although the majority of systems we support will automatically go thr... [ view ]
» Using the Touchpad Using a touchpad is in many ways similar to using a mouse. You move your finge... [ view ]
» Keyboard Heat It is normal for the area below the keyboard to the left of the touchpad to become ... [ view ]
» Windows Software Corruption The installation or removal of third party software applicaitons or h... [ view ]
» Internet Connection Settings If you have lost your internet connection settings or moved to a new... [ view ]
» Updated Modem Driver The modem driver for this notebook has been updated and is available for dow... [ view ]
» Bluetooth Switch This notebook is fitted with an optional Bluetooth adaptor which connects intern... [ view ]
» Sound Output Distortion This notebook is fitted with an internal sub-woofer for extra bass perfor... [ view ]
» Using the SP/DIF audio output The SP/DIF audio output on this notebook is from a standard 3.5mm a... [ view ]
» Notebook fails to boot after software failure Some customers have reported that their notebook fa... [ view ]
» Screen is dim upon reopening notebook If your screen is dim or off when you open your notebook wh... [ view ]
» Bluetooth Mice Bluetooth mice and keyboards using the Human Interface Device protocol do not work... [ view ]
» Spyware and Malware If unsolicited adverts and extra items in the start menu pushing websites of ... [ view ]
» Wireless Switch Function The wireless switch on the front of this notebook controls the status of... [ view ]
» Changing Screen Brightness In order to conserve battery life, it is wise to dim the screen bright... [ view ]
» Switching between screens The screen in use may be changed by holding down the Fn (function) key ... [ view ]
» How can I add accounts to my system to give each user their own area for files and settings? Step... [ view ]
» Changing the battery To change the battery on this model, you will need to unfasten three screws.... [ view ]
» Changing the Power Management settings How do I change the power settings on my notebook? This... [ view ]
» Wireless Security What is WEP? WEP is short for Wired Equivalent Privacy. WEP is a security pr... [ view ]
» Hardware Driver Installation How can I check if all hardware drivers are correctly installed on t... [ view ]
» Connecting to a Wireless Network How do I configure my notebook to connect to on an existing wire... [ view ]
» Modem Diagnostics My Modem does not connect to the internet, how can I test to ensure it is funct... [ view ]
» Bluetooth under Windows XP Service Pack 2 Some users have found that upgrading to Service Pack 2 ... [ view ]
» Turning Wireless Off/On In order to save power while on the move, the Wireless networking fitted ... [ view ]
» Questions & Answers Agenda XT Is my Agenda... [ view ]
» Cruiser BIOS Settings To get into the BIOS setup press DEL when prompted, sh... [ view ]
» Questions & Answers – Cruiser Is my Cruiser Notebook year 2000 compliant?... [ view ]
» Rock Mentor Series BIOS Settings To get into the BIOS setup press CTRL, ALT an... [ view ]
» Questions & Answers – Mentor Range Is my Mentor Notebook year 2000 complia... [ view ]
» Rock Pegasus BIOS Settings To get into the BIOS setup press F2 when prompted, shortly... [ view ]
» Questions & Answers – Pegasus Is my Pegasus Notebook year 2000 compliant?... [ view ]
» Rock Pegasus XS BIOS Settings ... [ view ]
» Questions & Answers – Pegasus XS Is my Pegasus XS Notebook year 2000 c... [ view ]
» Simple BIOS utility settings The BIOS can be used to set your notebook's system pa... [ view ]
» Questions & Answers Quaddra Is my Quaddra Notebook year 2000 compliant? ... [ view ]
» Sigma Di BIOS Settings The BIOS can be used to set your notebook's system p... [ view ]
» DVD Formats There are numerous DVD formats out there, this page will guide you though some of the... [ view ]
» How to change jumper setting to enable or disable RAID For advanced users only. These settings wi... [ view ]
» Note when reinstalling your operating system Users of systems featuring memory card readers shoul... [ view ]
» Configuring your notebook for Surround Soud output This notebook is capable of outputting 5.1 sur... [ view ]
» Configuring your notebook Microphone This notebook is fitted with a microphone. For help in setti... [ view ]
» Eject Mechanism The optical drive eject mechanism relies upon the cosmetic front switch pushing t... [ view ]
» Heat It is normal for the metal grill on the rear of the case to become hot in use. Unlike conven... [ view ]
» TV Cards If your system features a digital (DVB) television tuner, you may need an aerial upgrade... [ view ]
» BIOS update Some customers have reported a minor issue with sound during DVD and other video form... [ view ]
» TV Tuners If your notebook is fitted with a TV tuner you will need to scan for channels in order ... [ view ]
» BIOS Update A BIOS update is available for this notebook. It resolves an issue relating to the ke... [ view ]
» Serial Number Stickers A small number of users have reported that the serial number on the base o... [ view ]
» Turning Wireless On/Off In order to save power while on the move, the Wireless networking fitted ... [ view ]
» RAID Setup Your notebook may have been set up with RAID drive controller enabled even though you ... [ view ]
» Reinstalling Windows The RAID/ATA hard drive controller on this notebook requires additional driv... [ view ]
» Some customers have reported that when they try and switch the machine on, nothing is displayed on t... [ view ]
» Some customers have reported that when you have 4Gb of RAM in the machine, the hibernation function ... [ view ]
» System Start Up At power on, this notebook performs a scan of all attached storage media and inte... [ view ]
» Turning wireless on/off Bluetooth and Wireless LAN can be turned on and off on this notebook usin... [ view ]
» S-Video and CATV Ports Your notebook features S-Video input and aerial connection on its rear lef... [ view ]
» BIOS Update A BIOS update is now available for your notebook. The v1.10 update will stop the blue... [ view ]
» Gaming Performance Some customers have reported issues with a small number of games running slowl... [ view ]
» Issue with obtaining IP addresses or receiving packets when IP addresses are manually assigned Un... [ view ]
» DVD Writer Firmware Update A firmware update is available for the NEC ND6500A drive as fitted in ... [ view ]
» Issues with machine going into sleep when running Vista. We have had some customer report that wh... [ view ]
» Issue with CD/DVD drive disappearing from My Computer. Some users have reported an issue where the o... [ view ]
» Tidying of DirectX Files When DxDiag is run on this notebook, the files tab will report that "the... [ view ]
» Early versions of this notebook require different device drivers due to differences in some hardware... [ view ]
» Enabling S/PDIF Audio Output We have produced a guide to enabling digital audio output on your no... [ view ]
» Pinnacle InstantCD/DVD User Manual A user manual is available for download to guide you through t... [ view ]
» Turning WiFi and Bluetooth on/off This notebook features dedicated switches for controlling the s... [ view ]
» 2nd Bay Expansion Modules This notebook features an expansion slot for use with second DVD writer... [ view ]
» MSI Installer Error Some customers have reported the following error while installing application... [ view ]
» Windows Reports my Processor Speed too low The Mobile AMD Athlon 64 processor features PowerNow t... [ view ]
» 3.4GHz Processor Appears as 2.8GHz Some customers with 3.4GHz Pentium 4 processors have reported ... [ view ]
» IMPORTANT - Alternative Drivers If your notebook is the 'C' revision of motherboard, it will use ... [ view ]
» Using External Microphone This notebook requires a Y splitter cable when using an external microp... [ view ]
» Windows XP Pro x64 Edition Drivers We are able to offer limited driver support for the use of Win... [ view ]
» Alternate Drivers If your notebook has the model number 2700C on the dark coloured label on the u... [ view ]
» Power Surge on USB Port Error Some customers have reported that they receive the error above when... [ view ]
» Error on Shutdown Some customers have reported blue screen errors relating to the file [ view ]
» Troubleshooting and Q&A; info for Starview Monitors If you are experiencing problems with your Sta... [ view ]
» Warranty Terms and Conditions for Starview Monitors Please register on-line by visiting the LCD M... [ view ]
» Sound Issue If you are experiencing a slight distortion in the background of sound output from th... [ view ]
» Installing your TV Tuner Software The TV Tuner driver and application software available for down... [ view ]
» Installing the Instant-On software for AVPC In order to install the Instant-On software which all... [ view ]
» Terms & Conditions : CAUTION: We will not be liable for any damage caused in transit due t... [ view ]
» Non Warranty Repairs Should the repairs to your notebook not be covered under the warranty, we wi... [ view ]
» When you fill in the on-line RMA... [ view ]
» Using Instant On Your notebook features an Instant On function which allows you to watch DVDs and... [ view ]
» Standby Battery This notebook is fitted with an optional internal standby battery. This enables y... [ view ]
» Option 3 – In detail This option wipes ALL the data from the Hard Drive and re-installs the image... [ view ]
» Option 2 – In detail This option just installs the Windows Operating system by leaving all the ol... [ view ]
» Option 1 – In detail This option just copies the files back again to the Hard Drive without affec... [ view ]
» Common Q&A; Why is the time to press F10 set to 2 seconds? We have done this as is will only requ... [ view ]
» BullGuard offers several options for helping its users including a comprehensive faq, online anti-vi... [ view ]
» Notebook stops booting after detecting drives If your notebook is showing an issue where it stops... [ view ]
» BIOS update to allow always-on fan operation A firmware update is available for this notebook to ... [ view ]
» Memory Card Reader The SD (Secure Digital) card reader bay in this notebook is limited to reading... [ view ]
» Re-Installing BullGuard after Recovery If you have had to perform a recovery option in order to r... [ view ]
» Once your modem has been installed and a direct connection between your computer and the internet ha... [ view ]
» Activating your 60 day Office 2003 trial In order to start using your Office 2003 60 day trial yo... [ view ]
» Instant-On Function and S-Video Output Please note that the Instant-On Media Player function on t... [ view ]
» Function Key Combinations and enabling WebCam You can use the 'Fn' key (bottom left of keyboard) ... [ view ]
» Removing the Office 2003 60 Day Trial Customers who have purchased a boxed copy of Microsoft Offi... [ view ]
» BIOS System Frequency Option Your notebook features an option in the BIOS setup screens to alter ... [ view ]
» Notebook Crashes when WiFi is plugged in Some customers have reported an issue whereby their note... [ view ]
» Bluetooth Device Not Found Some customers have reported that when installing Windows XP Service P... [ view ]
» This notebook features optional 2nd Battery or Hard Drive which interchanges with the DVD writer. Us... [ view ]
» KCorp KLS-575 54 Mbps Wireless Gateway Router Frequently Asked Questions Does the router inclu... [ view ]
» Troubleshooting range and link instability issues Applicable to: All WLAN devices Symptoms:... [ view ]
» Frequently Asked Questions KLG-520 108 Mbps Super G Wireless Cardbus Notebook Network Adapter W... [ view ]
» K-Corp KLS-5810 Troubleshooting. Wizard fails Applicable to: KLS-5810 Symptoms (1): Auto... [ view ]
» K-Corp KLS-5810 FAQs Does the router include a modem? Yes. This device is "all-in-one", ie i... [ view ]
» Script Error When Installing Some customers have reported recieving a "Script Error" when attempt... [ view ]
» K-Corp KLS-611 FAQs Can the card be used under LINUX? Both KLS-611 and KLS-660 are based on ... [ view ]
» We have had requests from customer on how to create there own Windows XP CD with the RAID drivers al... [ view ]
» Below are instructions on installing a complete copy of Windows XP WARNING: ALL DATA ON HARD DISK... [ view ]
» Instant On Issue Some customers have found that their Instant On software on this model cannot be... [ view ]
» Error - 'This documents is locked' if you can open documents in Office applicaitons such as Word and... [ view ]
» Error 619 cannot connect. This can be casued by the SIM card and the Datacard not been activated ... [ view ]
» Xtreme CT - Turning the Touchpad Off A BETA test BIOS software upgrade is available allowing you ... [ view ]
» Why Does My CPU Show as Just 1GHz/800MHz? Your notebook features AMD Cool 'n' Quiet technology wh... [ view ]
» How do I reinstall Windows on my notebook? This notebook features an optional RAID hard drive con... [ view ]
» Why does my notebook only run at USB 1.1 speed? There is an issue with a small number of the firs... [ view ]
» Keyboard Not Working During Entering your Windows Product Key After reinstalling Windows and when... [ view ]
» RAID Hard Drive Configurations Please note that the RAID Hard Drive controller on this notebook o... [ view ]
» TV Tuner Customers with TV Tuners fitted should download the updated WebCam driver above in order... [ view ]
» After changing partitions some users have reported that the F10 to go to the recovery console option... [ view ]
» Issue with DVD playback on battery Some customers have experienced audio stuttering and picture f... [ view ]
» Gaming Performance On Battery Power In order to maximise battery life, the standard 6 cell batter... [ view ]
» Instant On Remote Control and USB TV Tuner If you are using both the Instant On remote control an... [ view ]
» My TV Tuner Becomes Warm During Use Please note that due to the compact size of the USB digital T... [ view ]
» Remote Control Please note that the USB Digital TV Tuner does not include a remote controller.... [ view ]
» Touchpad Issue on Battery Power If you experience erratic or non responsive touch pad behaviour w... [ view ]
» Windows XP 64-bit Edition & Vista Drivers We do not officially support the use of Windows XP 64-b... [ view ]
» Using your TV Tuner in Instant On mode This notebook supports a USB TV Tuner module. It is possib... [ view ]
» Hard Drive Paging Errors When Serial ATA (SATA) Hard Drives are fitted to this notebook, some cus... [ view ]
» 2009 Holidays Please be aware we will be closed during the following times : Easter : 10th - 1... [ view ]
» How do I switch of the media buttons in Windows Vista? To do this, go into device manager and unde... [ view ]
» Vista MCE not opening after 28th August Windows Vista update. If Media centre hangs indefinite... [ view ]
» Battery Connection Please note that it is essential that both battery locking clips are in the lo... [ view ]
» Turning WiFi, Bluetooth and WebCam on/off This notebook has switches to control the Bluetooth, We... [ view ]
» Caring for your Notebook Computer In order to get the best possible reliability and life from you... [ view ]
» Microphone Issue Some customers have experienced an issue whereby the microphone volume is muted ... [ view ]
» Locating and replacing the CMOS battery The CMOS battery allows your laptop to store settings and... [ view ]
» Update to resolve issue with PAL TV output on ATI X800XT Some customers have reported difficultie... [ view ]
» Office Activation Dialogue Does Not Appear Some customers have reported that they are unable to a... [ view ]
» Audio Inputs Please note that this notebook does not offer individual control of the volume level... [ view ]
» Issue with WebCam and TV Tuner Some customers with the optional TV Tuner fitted have reported tha... [ view ]
» Vodafone 10MB 3G Trial, Please be advised that since this notebook features an Express Card slot ... [ view ]
» Full Warranty Terms and Conditions for rock X-TV 3201 To ensure that any possible warranty claims... [ view ]
» Issue with USB 2.0 Some customers have reported that their notebook ceases to function in USB 2.0... [ view ]
» Issue With Noise on Headphone Output Some customers have reported an issue with the notebook prod... [ view ]
» Screen Comes into contact with Keyboard when lid is closed Some customers have reported that the ... [ view ]
» Screen Resolution Codes Below is a listing of screen resolution codes and the resolutions that th... [ view ]
» Notebook Failing to Power On If your notebook fails to power on please follow these steps which w... [ view ]
» Card Reader Driver Update An updated driver version - 21/07/2022 is available for the Mem... [ view ]
» Bluetooth Driver Update Some customers have experienced issues with their bluetooth software givi... [ view ]
» Charging LEDs An error in the user manual for this system has been brought to our attention. Whil... [ view ]
» Please find below instructions on upgrading Windows XP to Windows Vista. ... [ view ]
» Issue with Power Management Options Under Windows XP Media Centre Edition Some customers have rep... [ view ]
» Issue with resuming from Standby If you experience issues with your notebook after resuming from ... [ view ]
» Beta BIOS to enable Virtualisation Technology A Beta BIOS is available for this notebook in order... [ view ]
» Programming the Quick Launch Key In order to program the quick launch key above the keyboard to o... [ view ]
» Issue with Tom Clancy's Splineter Cell Double Agent Game Some customers have experienced sporadic... [ view ]
» Issue with Touchpad Configuration Panel Some customers have reported that they are unable to conf... [ view ]
» Vista Drivers Instructions for installation of the drivers can be found ... [ view ]
» Vista Drivers This model has been tested as working with the drivers included with Vista for most... [ view ]
» Vista Drivers This model has been tested as working with the drivers included with Vista for most... [ view ]
» Vista Drivers This model has been tested as working with the drivers included with Vista for most... [ view ]
» Vista Drivers This model has been tested as working with the drivers included with Vista for most... [ view ]
» USB TV Tuner under Windows Vista Please note that there is no Windows Vista driver available for ... [ view ]
» An issue with Roxio Creator 9 LE’s Drag to Disc module has been brought to our attention. This issue... [ view ]
» Instructions below on how to install the drivers for vista on your Pegasus 665 ... [ view ]
» Recovery Instructions for Windows Vista We always recommend that you backup your system before... [ view ]
» We have had some customers report a rthdcpl.exe error after completeing a windows update. Microso... [ view ]
» Interlink ExpressCard Remote for Bluetooth VP6600 ... [ view ]
» Please find below are instructions on setting up a fresh install of Windows Vista. ... [ view ]
» Pegasus 650 Vista installation Whether you are upgrading to or installing Windows Vista on your P... [ view ]
» We have had a small number of customers reporting the following error when trying to activate Window... [ view ]
» We have had reports of machines are not labelling the processor at the correct processing speed or m... [ view ]
» We have had customers calling us on advise on how to play DVD's in Media Player. To do this you w... [ view ]
» Please find a quick TV setup guide ... [ view ]
» Vista Wakeup. When you login and if you would like to go into windows without having a login prompt,... [ view ]
» Some customers have reported that some SD Cards do not work on their machines with Vista Operating s... [ view ]
» Optical Drive not detected by Windows. Some customers have reported that the Optical drive no longe... [ view ]
» Finger print reader not working, unable to reinstall. In some cases the customer has had the need t... [ view ]
» Wifi / Bluetooth display not popping up with on/off. In Windows Vista a pop will come on screen whe... [ view ]
» Vista TV Tuner Some customers have reported issues using the TV tuner in Vista with the TV tuner... [ view ]
» Wifi and Bluetooth will not switch on / off using the Hot Key. Some customers have reported that th... [ view ]
» Some customers have reported issues where the pairing(link) between the wifi keyboard and mouse keep... [ view ]
» test... [ view ]
» For machines sold from 1st September 2008, to access and use the new recovery system, please downloa... [ view ]
» When typing, keys are pressed yet occasional letters are not registered on screen. Problem solut... [ view ]
» To enable the Webcam on the machine, select the webcam icon from the quick launch buttons located ab... [ view ]
» If you have purchased the optional Intel Turbo Memory you will find that the ReadyDrive feature is d... [ view ]
» Please Note : The last collection date for Rock machines requiring repair is Friday 18th December... [ view ]

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