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ZIP DRIVE: a small, portable disk drive used primarily for backing up and archiving personal computer files. The trademarked Zip drive was developed and is sold by Iomega Corporation. Each Zip disk holds 100 megabytes of data or the equivalent of 70 floppy diskettes. The Iomega Zip drive comes with a software utility that lets you copy the entire contents of your hard drive to one or more Zip disks. (Copying 500 megabytes of data takes about 45 minutes and five Zip disks.) In addition to data backup, Iomega suggests these additional uses:

Archiving old e-mail or other files you don't use any more but may want to access someday
Storing unusually large files, such as graphic images that you need infrequently
Exchanging large files with someone
Putting your system on another computer, perhaps a portable computer
Keeping certain files separate from files on your hard disk (for example, personal finance files)

ZIP FILES: A commonly used software compression format. ZIP software uses advanced data compression techniques to take a file (or collection of files) and compress them into a single zip file, which is much smaller than the size of the original file(s). Once compressed in this form, zip files can then be unzipped to create the original files at their original sizes. Zip files are a very common way of exchanging files over the Internet.

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