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Caring for your Notebook Computer

In order to get the best possible reliability and life from your notebook computer there are some things you should bear in mind.

This list has been prepared by rock Support from a study of some of the more common problems we see in our repair workshop.

1. Never expose the notebook to liquid or high humidity, don’t drink near your computer, it can be costly to put it right if spillage occurs.

2. Use only the power supply provided with your notebook, others may appear to work but could do long term damage to your battery.

3. Try to keep the notebook away from sources of heat such as radiators and direct sunlight.

4. Dust and foreign matter can be sucked in by your notebook’s fans and clog up the cooling system. Avoid using it on soft materials such as carpet or bed linen.

5. Do not allow the vents on the notebook case to become blocked, we would recommend using it on a hard flat surface such as a tabletop or tray.

6. Be careful when moving the notebook whilst it is turned on, sudden jolts can damage the hard drive and if cables come disconnected by force they can damage your connectors.

7. Do not use solvents or abrasive materials to clean the notebook as these can damage the paintwork or leave marks in the plastics.

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