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Connecting to a Wireless Network

How do I configure my notebook to connect to on an existing wireless network?

For Windows XP Pro, Home and Media Center versions:

Step 1: Double left click on the wireless icon located in the bottom right corner of the display
Step 2: Under network task in the new window, left click on "Set up a wireless network for a home or office"
Step 3: A wizard for installing will appear, click Next on the first screen
Step 4: On the next screen an SSID will need to be inputted. The SSID is the ID associated to the wireless network. After this has been inputted enter your network pass key or ensure that "automatically assign network key" is selected
Step 5: Left Click on Next
Step 6: On the next window ensure set up a network manually is selected and click Next
Step 7: On the final window to complete the wireless network set up left click on finish.
Step 8: The previous window will appear displaying the network, once the wireless network is found ensure it is highlighted and left click on connect. This will establish a connection.

Users without Service Pack 2 installed will have to go though a similar process but it is not quite as straight forward. We would recomend that you upgrade to Service Pack 2 for ease of connection to wireless networks.

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