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Hardware Driver Installation

How can I check if all hardware drivers are correctly installed on the notebook?

Step 1: Left Click on Start
Step 2: Right click on My Computer
Step 3: Left click on properties from the extended menu
A new window should now appear on the screen
Step 4: Left click on the Hardware tab at the top of the window
Step 5: Left Click on the Device Manager Button
The list that appears will display all devices that are recognised within the Windows operating system that require drivers.

If there are any components with errors these will be displayed with either a yellow exclamation mark or yellow question mark. Also if there are any items not set up with drivers at all, they may be located in the list under "Other Devices" which has a symbol of a yellow question mark on the left of it.

If any devices are found not to be installed or installed incorrectly this can be resolved by installing the correct drivers from the CDs supplied with the notebook or from the rock support site under specific notebook models.

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