Intel Mobile Celeron 433 CPU
128Mb SDRAM (Expandable to 512Mb)
11.3 XGA Polysilicon TFT Screen
4Mb SMI 711 (AGP 2x)
12Gb HDD (Expandable to 30Gb)
External 3.5 FDD & 24x CD-ROM
Internal 56K 'V90' Modem
30W Smart Prosmatic Li-ION Battery
Installed Windows 98 SE with CD & Manual
270 x 218 x 28mm & 1.7Kg
Pegasus Memory
Harddisk 12Gb Std
Operating System
Carry Case
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Pegasus 433 Special
PEG Mobile Celeron 433, 128Mb / 12Gb / 24x CD / 11.3 XGA TFT
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