Intel Pentium III 1GHz CPU
256Mb SDRAM (Expandable to 512Mb)
14.1 XGA TFT Screen
8 / 16 / 32Mb User-definable VRAM (SMA)
20Gb HDD (Expandable to 30Gb)
Internal 3.5 FDD & CDRW (4x4x20)
Internal 56K 'V90' Modem & 10/100 LAN
53W Smart Li-ION Battery
Installed Windows 98 SE with CD & Manual
308 x 254 x 37.5mm & 3.2Kg
Memory 256Mb Base
Harddisk 20Gb Std
Operating System
Carry Case
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Sigma Si 1GHz CDRW
Si Pentium III 1GHz, 256Mb / 20Gb / 4x CDRW & 14.1 TFT