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Xtreme Ti - PC Gamer (Jun '05)

Rock's previous top-end laptop has just been superseded by this rather gorgeous monster. And with it, it looks like they'll be clinging onto their crown at the top of the pile.

If you're getting a twinge of deja vu it's not surprising. The Xtreme Ti shares the same chassis as the Alienware 7700 reviewed two issues ago. It also has the Intel 915P chipset with a P4 3.6Ghz Prescott processor at it's core, plus ATI's new X800 mobile card.

Before we get to the benchmarks however, the screen deserves a special mention. A 17-inch display with a resolution of 1,600x1,000, the real bonus here is the X-Glass technology that boosts colour and picture quality. The jungle vistas of Far Cry appear lusher than ever, while Half-Life 2's city 17 in 16:10 widescreen is just pure gaming cinematics. There is evidence of motion blur in Counter Strike, though, so it's not ideal if you like to take your FPSs online.

Performance-wise the Xtreme shines. Thanks to ATI's X800 the 3DMark 2005 score of 3.692 beats the Alienware 770 by 400. It also gained a slight advantage in most of our test games,except Doom 3. Again Far Cry provided the big test - simmering under 30 frames per second at the highest setting. But when the Xtreme hits a hundred frames per second in Half Life in widescreen you can't help but be impressed.

There are, however, a few things to consider before you unfurl the green stuff. As a desktop replacement it still can't compare to the kind of rig you could build with the same amount of cash. And as a mobile its appeal is limited by it's 14lb weight.

Then there's the arrival of Nvidia's GeForce Go6800 Ultra mobile graphics chip. Early indications are that this will narrow the gap between mobile and desktop performance and could be worth waiting for.

  VALUE: 68%

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