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Computer Active (June '01)

Everything youíd ever want from a desktop PC in something smaller than a briefcase.

The Sigma Si matches good looks with high performance and plenty of up-to-date features.

Those who require their PCs to be fully portable also have to put up with the occasional compromise. Notebooks rarely match up to their deskbound counterparts in terms of features and power. Poor performance, fewer built-in features, and higher prices have always dogged notebooks and this has meant that direct comparisons with desktop varieties have never really been fair.

The Rock Sigma Si seeks to redress the balance. Itís designed to replace your desktop PC altogether rather than being a portable partner and as such, comes with all the power and features that youíd expect from a desktop PC. A 1GHz Pentium III processor kicks things off. Even with the newer Pentium 4 chip creeping into some new desktop models, this is pretty much cutting edge in the portable market. Combined with 256Mb of memory and a 20Gb hard disk, the Sigma Si achieved strong benchmark scores.

Desktop replacements are nothing new of course, but quite often notebooks of this particular type tend to stretch the notion of portability to the limit. The Sigma Si doesnít, managing to squeeze an amazing array of features into a very small space. Thereís a built-in DVD-ROM drive and a very clear, crisp 14.1in TFT screen. If you want to watch a DVD movie on your TV, thereís a handy TV-out socket. In fact, connectivity is another of the Sigma Siís strong points. In addition to a built-in floppy disk drive, PC Card slot, infrared and all the usual ports youíll also find a built-in modem, an Ethernet port for hooking the system up to a network and a FireWire.

All this is crammed into a unit with a footprint thatís only marginally larger than a sheet of A4 paper. Weíve seen lighter, cheaper notebooks in the past but neither the 3.2kg weight or £1,644 cost seem particularly heavy when you consider the powerful, up-to-date technology that rests under the Sigma Siís bonnet.

MODEL Rock Sigma Si
PRO'S Powerful components, FireWire for digital video, Tiny dimensions
CON'S A little pricey
VERDICT An excellent choice for those who want the power of a desktop PC in in a portable computer.
RAM 256Mb
DRIVES 8 x DVD-ROM Drive and Internal 3.5" 1.44Mb Floppy drive
OTHER Internal 56k modem
OTHER Internal 10/100mbps LAN
OTHER IEEE 1394 Firewire
WARRANTY 1 Year Collect and Return
PRICE £1,644 (INC. VAT)

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