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Computer Shopper (August '03)

Best Buy 5/5 Stars

The Xeno-M put in the best Windows performance in our £999 notebook Labs (June 2003), scoring 174 in SYSmark 2002. Its limited 3D performance means this isn’t a games machine, but there’s little other software that will break the Xeno-M into a sweat. Unusually for an affordable, high performance notebook, the Rock looks pretty good too, with its silver finish and metallic blue lid, and weighs a reasonably portable 2.8kg. Three USB ports, Firewire, Ethernet, VGA, S-video, a PC Card slot and V.90 modem make it ready to connect to most peripherals, although there’s no support for older parallel or serial devices, or for USB2 or wireless networking. With decent performance, a stylish design and battery life that lasted 142 minutes in our tests, the Xeno-M is an excellent choice for those who aren’t obsessed with the latest technologies.

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