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Editors Choice
PC Utilities (December '01)

There was a time when notebooks where the poorer cousins of desktop models. In order to have portability, you had to sacrifice power and functionality.

The Rock Sigma Si notebook turns this on its head and is a portable device that frankly gives many desktop PCs a run for their money. The feature list isn’t defined by what’s included in the price as much as what’s not included.

At the heart of the PC is a powerful 1Ghz Pentium III processor. Coupled to this is a Windows XP-proof 256Mb of RAM, and a 20Gb hard disk. The screen is a 14.1in TFT model that runs at 1,024x768 resolution and the graphics chip is a 3D compatible SiS 630S model that uses 4-speed AGP archilecture.

So far so (relatively) normal – the Sigma Si is a powerful machine but nothing is out of the ordinary. It’s on the back and sides of the unit that you see the miracles. For starters, amongst the usual serial, single PCMCIA Type II, Parallel and USB slots, you’ll find a FireWire IEEE 1394 port, then on the side of the unit ia an 8-speed DVD-ROM drive that doubles up as a 4x4x20 CD-R/RW drive. This truly is a genuinely multimedia notebook. As you’d expect, DVD movie playing software is included in the price, as is an older but no less useful copy of Adaptec EasyCD Creator. You also get a built-in V.90 modem that doubles up as a 100Mbits Ethernet port.

The notebook is a joy to use. The screen is bright and colourful, and the keyboard has most of the keys in the right places – we managed to touch type without hassle. The weight is an average 3.2kg.

As the cliché goes, we’ve saved the best until last. The Sigma Si costs just £1,409 including VAT. For a notebook that literally has everything this is a bargain. If you’re prepared to do without the CD-R/RW functionality, and make do with a standard DVD Drive, it will cost £1,174 including VAT – astonishing!

The Rock Sigma Si Combo is a practical machine that concentrates on doing everything well, rather than being a fashion victim. A midrange price tag and high-end features makes this a very tempting package.

MODEL Rock Sigma Si
PRO'S .......
CON'S .......
VERDICT Truly multimedia notebook
RAM 256Mb
DRIVES 8x DVD / 4x4x20x CD-RW Combo drive
OTHER Internal 56k modem
OTHER Internal 10/100mbps LAN
WARRANTY 1 Year Collect and Return
PRICE £1,409. (Inc. VAT)

PC Utilities Editors Choice

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