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Pegasus CT

PC Home Magazine (August '03)

Silver Award

A feature filled laptop, but does it offer enough for the power user.

Centrino is one of those buzzwords that gets thrown about by tech companies and advertisers without any real explanation of what it is or what it means for the end user.

The basic idea of Centrino is to shrink the size and power consumption of laptops to make them more portable while at the same time adding the latest wireless communication technology.

The Pegasus Range
The attractive little Pegasus CT is Rock’s first foray into the world of Centrino notebooks. The range starts from 1.4Ghz to the 1.6Ghz version we looked at going up to a 1.7Ghz.

Each Model comes with a generous 512Mb of DDR-RAM, 40Gb HDD and a couple of software packages, Panda Anti-Virus and Ability Office. Graphics and sound are standard on-board chipsets that share memory with the system.

There are plenty of connection options with one IEEE-1394 firewire port, 3 USB2 ports, PS/2 and an external monitor port. A four in one card reader is on the front of the machine along with some multimedia shortcut buttons. The 14.1-inch monitor is clear and not too bright with a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768. The machine casing is thin and light, you could comfortably sit down for any length of time with it resting on your lap.

Performance won’t blow you away but for web browsing and office applications you can’t tell the difference. Of course, this and any other Centrino notebook will only appeal to certain users. Games and anything else that need powerful CPU’s and graphics cards won’t run very well but for everything else it is easily suited. Slightly pricier than other laptops but you can get plenty of features for your money and in a smaller than average package.

MODEL Rock Pegasus CT 1.7
PROS Impressive specs, wireless networking, thin, light and good looking.
CONS No good for gamers.
OVERALL Silver Award

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