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Pegasus Ti - What Laptop (Apr '05)


In Brief: Attractive and portable, the Pegasus Ti 2.0 provides powerhouse performance on the move.

Previously known as Rock Computers, UK based Rockdirect has been supplying consumer, business and education laptops for over a decade. Offering a wide range of systems to cover many requirements is the Pegasus Ti series. Providing functionality and a combination of abilities in a slim form factor, the next addition to the range is the Pegasus Ti 2.0 (£1438 inc. VAT).

Built with enough power for high-end multimedia options, as much as standard business tasks, the Ti 2.0 is a highly specified mobile system, However, measuring 354 x 254 x 36m and weighing 3.1kg, this is still a laptop leaning more to the side of portability.

An Intel Pentium M 755 provides processing power and runs at a 2GHz clock-speed. With 2MB of Level 2 Cache and a 400MHz Front Side Bus the 755 CPU is currently the forth most powerful Pentium M chip available. Complementing this is a full Gigabyte (1024MB) of DDR SDRAM, adding further power to the Ti 2.0.

Mobile Muscle
With such impressive specifications, it was no surprise that the Ti 2.0 performed well under benchmark testing. Scoring 243 in MobileMark 2002 mobile performance tests, the Ti 2.0 placed 2nd in this group review. Aided in no small part by the 1GB of memory, this score ably displays the mobile abilities of the Ti 2.0, and guarantees reliability in transit.

A common flaw of such high performance is a resultantly low battery life. No such blemish mars the Ti 2.0. Operating on for 268 minutes under test, the Pegasus vastly outperformed it's compition- running for a full 96 minutes more that the nearest rival, the Asus V6V.

Adding multimedia potential to the mobile performance is the inclusion of an ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 GPU. Only recently overshadowed by the Radeon 9800 adapter, this is still a leading mobile graphics solution. Sporting 128MB a dedicated memory, it's latest adapter uses the latest software extensions, such as DirectX9, competently.

Providing this pedigree, the Ti 2.0 scored 3337 in 3DMark 2003 graphics testing, displaying high graphical competence. Only bettered by the AJP D900T in this group test, the fact that the Ti 2.0 is significantly more portable than the AJP adds further acclaim to the result.

A 15.4-inch TFT widescreen displays the graphics of the Ti 2.0 and is fixed to the slim line chassis by a pair of strong hinges.
Available in a choice of five colours, the chassis is strong and stable, with a keyboard that stretches almost the whole width of the laptop.

This is where a prominent flaw affects the Ti 2.0. Although well spaced with a strong keyboard overall, the keys of the Pegasus on our review unit were unresponsive. Requiring a heavy-handed approach to typing , this results in a very uncomfortable typing action.

More positive are the networking and external storage options of the Ti 2.0. Only the BASE-T 10/100 standard, rather than a Gigabit connection, provides Ethernet connectivity. However 802.11g WiFi provides high speed wireless networking and redresses the balance somewhat.

Where the Ti 2.0 further excels is through the use of a DVD super-multi drive for external storage. Supporting DVD+/-RW, CD-RW and DVD-RAM, this slot loading drive provides a broad range of options for disc creation and backing up important data to disc.

With only below-average keyboard action losing it minor points, the Pegasus Ti 2.0 is otherwise an outstanding laptop. Providing superior performance without sacrificing portability, the Ti 2.0 is an all-purpose laptop for the power hungry mobile user.

  FEATURES: 8/10
  MOBILITY: 7/10
  OVERALL: 8/10




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