30-day Zero Dead Pixel Guarantee

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process for TFT screens, a small number of pixels can sometimes become stuck on one of the primary colours or black. These pixels are the tiny dots that make up your screen display. They are incredibly small with close to 1.8 million of them appearing on our 1680 by 1050 screens. Stuck pixels are not noticeable in normal operation and occur on small percentage of screens. We offer one of the best pixel policies in the industry and will replace a screen if it has five or more stuck pixels.

For those customers that want the reassurance they will receive a notebook without any dead pixels, we now offer a no dead pixel guarantee for 25 plus VAT (29.38) The 30 Day Zero Dead Pixel Guarantee means that we will inspect your notebook for dead or stuck pixels prior to dispatch and in the unlikely event that your notebook arrives with any stuck or dead pixels or they develop within the first 30 days after arrival, we will replace your screen free of charge.

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