Questions & Answers Xeno SP

Is my Xeno SP Notebook year 2000 compliant?

- Yes.

How do I access the BIOS and what are the default factory settings?

- Press the Del key when the Notebook is booting up. By Pressing F8 you can change the boot device. - Follow our on-line BIOS sheet

How long does a standard battery last on my Xeno SP?

- An Xeno SP battery lasts around 1-2hr depending on the use of the machine.
- Re-chargeable batteries will operate most effectively if properly cared for and regularly charged in the correct manner

How long does the battery take to fully recharge?

- The battery takes about 8hrs to fully recharge with the machine being on, and about 4hrs with the machine being off.

How do I know when the main battery is fully charged?

- Check the Icon on the Task Bar

My battery life is getting shorter, what should I do?

- The problem is caused by re-charging a battery by giving short burst of charge to top-up a battery. As batteries get older they lose their life, and need replacing after about 500 cycles.
- View our battery maintenance information

My modem doesn't connect at 56Kbps, what should I do ?

- It is not necessary that the modems have to connect at 56Kbps, that is the maximum connection speed and may vary depending on the quality of the telephone line.
- See our Modem Diagnostic sheet

My modem comes up with error message "no dial tone"

- Follow our Modem Diagnostic information

The DVD seems very unstable and jumpy?

- Right click My computer then Properties and then Device Manager
- Double click the CDROM and highlight the CD Rom drive
- Click on properties and then Settings
- Place a tick in (DMA) in options box and select ok
- Restart the machine and play a DVD

My Video display is not working correctly?

- Check your settings and set-up the video driver with the
- Windows 2000 on-line installation manual
- Windows XP Home on-line installation manual
- Windows XP Professional on-line installation manual

I have no sound coming from my notebook?

- Check the volume control speaker icon on taskbar and on the front panel of your notebook.
- Check your settings and set-up the sound card with the
- Windows 2000 on-line installation manual
- Windows XP Home on-line installation manual
- Windows XP Professional on-line installation manual

Is there a Port Replicator available for the Xeno SP?

- Only a standard USB Port Replicator

How do I get a display on an external monitor?

- Press and hold the Function [Fn] key and at the same time press the F4 key to toggle between the different displays - See our 'How to connect an External Monitor On a Xeno SP' document.

Does the Xeno SP support SAVE-TO-DISK function during low Battery State?

- Yes, ensure "save to" is set to disk in power section of Bios Power Management

How to use the hot key for brightness control adjustment?

- To adjust the display brightness, you must press and HOLD the hot key ([Fn]+[F6] or [Fn]+[F7]) simultaneously and release the hot keys after getting the desired display clarity

Have you any Windows NT4 drivers for my Xeno SP?

- No, Windows NT4 is not supported on the Xeno SP Notebook

How do I get an external mouse to work?

- Plug in a PS/2 mouse with power switched off then boot into windows

Why does the cooling fan only work sometimes?

- The CPU cooling fan assembly is equipped with temperature sensor and will start to run only if the CPU temperature rises above 60oC and will automatically turn-off if the temperature drops below 60oC

Can I install Windows 2000 and Windows XP on the same machine (dual boot)?

- Unfortunately we don't support dual boot on any of our machines and cannot support any issues.

My Xeno SP seems to run very slow when booting and in windows, what can I do?

- If your machine seems to operate slower than it used to, it is recommended that you run Scan Disk and Defragmentation from System tools
-Press the turbo button located above the Power switch.

What PCMCIA cards have been tested with the Xeno SP?

- See our approval list on the main support page

What type of PCMCIA port is on the Xeno SP?

- Type II X1

Why does the screen go dim when I unplug the Power Cable from the notebook?

- The feature is to save battery power when running on battery.