Questions & Answers Virtuoso / Virtuoso Pro


How do I access the BIOS and what are the default factory settings?


Is my Virtuoso Notebook year 2000 compliant?


How do I check to see what version of BIOS I have?


My Video display is not working correctly?


I have no sound coming from my notebook?


How do I get a display on an external monitor?


Under Win95, how can I verify the version of PCI-IDE driver that is installed into the system?


Under Win95, how do I update the PCI-IDE driver to 1.08?


Have you any Windows NT 3.51 / NT4 drivers for my Virtuoso?


My CD-ROM drive does not access CD-ROMs. What do I do?


My battery life is getting shorter, what should I do?


Why isn't the battery icon an accurate basis to tell if the battery is fully charged?


What is the maximum resolution for the Virtuoso LCD Display?


Why under Win95, double clicking "My Computer" takes too long to open and sometimes cannot recognize the CD-ROM drive?


How do I get an external mouse to work?


What PCMCIA cards have been tested with the Virtuoso?