Questions & Answers Mentor 700

Is my Mentor Notebook year 2000 compliant?

- Yes. The BIOS has to be version 1.03, or later.

How do I check to see what version of BIOS I have?

- When you first switch on you will briefly get the bios version displayed

What is the latest BIOS?

- The latest BIOS is V1.036. You can request it from our REQUEST page

How do I access the BIOS and what are the default factory settings?

- Press the [DEL] key when the Mentor is booting up
- Follow our on-line BIOS sheet

My battery life is getting shorter, what should I do?

- View our battery maintenance information

My Video display is not working correctly?

- Check your settings and set-up the drivers with the
- Windows 98 on-line installation manual
- Windows NT4 Workstation on-line installation manual

I have no sound coming from my notebook?

- Check the volume control (speaker on the task bar)
- Check your settings and set-up with the
- Windows 98 on-line installation manual
- Windows NT4 Workstation on-line installation manual

How do I get a display on an external monitor?

- Press and hold the Function [Fn] key and at the same time press the [T] key to toggle between the different displays

How do I know when the main battery is fully charged?

- You will know the status of the battery by checking the arrow icon in the LCD status indicator
- When you put in a battery the indicator will flash and when it stops flashing the battery is charging
- When the arrow disappears the battery is fully charged.

How to use the hot key for brightness control adjustment?

- To adjust the display brightness, you must press and HOLD the hot key ([Fn]+[F5] or [Fn]+[F6]) simultaneously and release the hot keys after getting the desired display clarity

Have you any Windows NT4 drivers for my Mentor?

- Yes, for the Video and Audio, use the REQUEST form to get this and let us know which version Video Audio

How do I get an external mouse to work?

- Plug in with power off and allow to boot into windows

Why does the cooling fan only work sometimes?

- The CPU cooling fan assembly is equipped with temperature sensor and will start to run only if the CPU temperature rises above 60oC and will automatically turn-off if the temperature drops below 60oC

Which PCMCIA slot supports type III cards?

- Only slot A (bottom slot) supports type III cards.

What PCMCIA cards have been tested with the Mentor?

- See our approval list on the main support page