Questions & Answers Mentor 1



Is my Mentor Notebook year 2000 compliant?


How do I check to see what version of BIOS I have?


What is the latest BIOS?


How do I access the BIOS and what are the default factory settings?


My battery life is getting shorter, what should I do?


My Video display is not working correctly?


I have no sound coming from my notebook?


How do I get a display on an external monitor?


How do I know when the main battery is fully charged?


How can I use the internal FDD as an external FDD?


Does the Mentor support SAVE-TO-DISK function during low Battery State?


How to use the hot key for brightness control adjustment?


How do I use the Video Capture?


Have you any Windows NT 3.51 / NT4 drivers for my Mentor?



Is it possible to disable the internal touch pad?


How do I get an external mouse to work?


Why does the cooling fan only work sometimes?


Does the two PCMCIA slots support Zoom Video ports?


Which PCMCIA slot supports type III cards?


What PCMCIA cards have been tested with the Mentor?