Taking Care of your Rechargeable Battery



To maintain the battery packís maximum capacity, occasionally you should let the computer totally deplete its battery power before recharging. If you have not been doing this, and your battery life has decreased you may need to do this discharge-charge cycle a number of times (3-5) to improve the performance.

End-users without specialist battery cycling equipment should follow the instructions below in order to cycle their battery.


  1. Create a bootable disk by inserting a blank disk, double-clicking My Computer then right-clicking the A: drive. Select format, then choose Quick Format making sure that the "Copy System Files" box is ticked.
  2. Leave the disk in the drive and choose Shutdown->Restart.
  3. Remove the power supply and allow the computer to drain itís battery.
  4. When the computer switches itself off, switch it back on Ė keep repeating this until the computer only lasts a matter of seconds when turned on.
  5. Leave switched off and allow to cool for 30 minutes (until the battery is less than 25C).
  6. Plug in the power supply and allow to charge for around 12 hours.
  7. If needed, switch on the machine (with the disk still in the drive) and repeat from step 3.


Please note that all rechargeable batteries have a life-span of between 300-700 charge-discharge cycles (which normally equates to 1-3years). If this procedure gives no improvement in battery life your battery may have reached the end of its life.