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This booklet has been designed to help the novice user to set up their Rock Agenda notebook computer with Windows 98. Some knowledge of computers is required to follow through this booklet. If you experience any difficulties when setting up the software, contact Customer Services.

Please ensure all extra devices (PC cards, Modems, Network cards, external mice etc.) are removed before starting this installation.

If you have any queries regarding any part of this installation, please do not hesitate to contact the Technical Support Department

Complete Reinstall


These instructions assume a completely blank Hard Disk.

1) Switch The Agenda XT On and, when prompted, press F2 to enter setup
2) Select Boot->Boot Device Priority and change so that CDROM is first, Diskette second and Hard Drive third.
3) Press F10 then return to save changes
4) Insert Windows 98 CD and choose �Boot from CDROM� when prompted
5) If your hard drive is not new and has an operating system already on it follow the steps below or continue from Step 6 if it is a new hard drive

How To Use The F-disk

F-disk is a dos based program that allows you remove any partitions from the hard drive and format the drive before installing any operating system.

Enter the F-Disk Program by Clicking Start and then Shutdown and Restart in MS-Dos mode
At �C:\Windows>� Type �CD..� and Press Enter.
Type �Fdisk� at C:\>
Enter the fdisk by pressing [Y]
Display Partition Information by pressing [4] and note the partitions present
Press ESC to get back to the main menu and delete the partitions present by choosing number [3] Delete Partition or Logical DOS Drive
You need to remove non DOS Partitions and Primary DOS Partition by selecting [4] Select delete non-DOS Partition and Press Enter
Press ESC to get back to the main menu and delete the partitions present by choosing number [3] Delete Partition or Logical DOS Drive again
Select [1] delete Primary DOS partition and Press Enter
Select what Primary Partition you want to delete, It should be preset to [1] and Press Enter
Enter the volume this should be non, unless specified across the top and Press Enter
You will be conformed with a message �Are you sure�, Press [Y] for Yes and Enter
After removing Partition[s] press ESC to go back to the main screen.
Check to see if all partitions are removed by selecting [4] View Partition Information there should no Partitions defined and press Esc and reboot the machine.

6) Choose �Boot from CDROM�, then �Start Windows 98 setup from CDROM�
7) Enter to continue Scandisk will scan your hard drive
8) Choose Continue and then �Configure unallocated Space�
9) Select �Yes to Large Disk Support� and then Return to reboot
10) Wait while drive is formatted
11) Press Enter to continue
12) Choose Continue, Next, �Portable� then Next
13) We recommend that you choose �Show Me a List of Components� and then select everything � but for an easier installation you may select the �Recommended� option.
14) Enter a Computer name and Workgroup if needed (ask your network administrator) and click next
15) Select �United Kingdom�, then Next and then Next again.
16) Wait while Windows Setup copies files
17) The computer will then reboot
18) Choose �Boot from Hard Disk�
19) When prompted enter Name and Company information
20) Read the license agreement and, if you accept, click on �I accept the agreement�
21) Click Next and then carefully enter the Product ID number found on your certificate of Authenticity.
22) Then select Finish
23) At the �PC card Wizard� click Next, Next and then Finish
24) After a short wait the computer will reboot again
25) Select �Boot from Hard Disk� again
26) Set Date, Time and Time zone and then click Apply and then OK
27) The computer will work for a few minutes and then reboot
28) Select �Boot from Hard disk� again
29) Enter a password if you wish � although this is not necessary
30) Please wait while Windows installs new hardware and continues starting up.
31) Congratulations, you have now installed Windows 98. All that is left is to install the video and sound drivers � instructions are included overleaf

Power Management In Windows98

Windows 98 set-ups it�s own Save To Disk Partition. Use the settings below will help set-up the Hibernate in windows Power Management.

1) In Windows Click Start and Settings Select Control Panel
2) Double click on Power Management
3) Select Hibernate tab from the top
4) Place a tick in Enable Hibernate Support and click on apply to apply these settings and click ok
5) Select Advance tab from the top
6) Click on the down arrow next to When I close the lid of my portable computer and select none
7) Click the down arrow next to When I press the power button on my computer and select shutdown
8) Click on the down arrow next to When I press the sleep button on my computer and select Hibernate
9) After theses setting have been made click the apply button to confirm the settings and click ok

Installation of Video drivers on Agenda XT under Windows 98

1) Insert Driver CD in drive
2) Click Start and settings then control panel
3) Double click the Display Icon
4) Click the settings tab and then click on Advance and then Adapter
5) Click Change and Next
6) Choose �Display a list of all drivers in a specific location� and then click next
7) Click on Have Disk and tick CDROM Drive and then browse
8) Double click drivers icon, Click the Video folder and then Win95/98
9) The file name SMI should appear on the left hand side
10) Click OK and OK Again
11) Highlight Silicon Motion LynxE and click OK
12) Select Yes and then next �Message� Do you want to keep this file�
13) Wait for the drivers to load, when Finished Click Next and then Finish
14) Once the Agenda has rebooted double click Display again (from Control Panel)
15) Go to Settings and the settings to be:
Size: 1024x768
Colours: High Colour (16 Bit) or 256 colours

Installation of Sound Drivers on Agenda XT Under Windows 98

1) Ensure Drivers CD is inserted into the CDROM drive
2) Click My Computer and double click [d] drive
3) Double Click Driver folder
4) Double Click Audio Folder
5) Double click Win98 folder and then double click Set up Icon with the television display
6) Windows should show: ESS Solo-1 Installation
7) Click Next and next again
8) Wait while Windows installs the drivers.
9) Click finish to restart windows

The Sound drivers are now installed � to test reboot the computer and you should hear a jingle as Windows restarts

Installation of Modem on Agenda XT Under Windows 98

1) Ensure the Drivers CD is inserted
2) Click Start->Settings->Control Panel and double click System
3) Click Device Manager and select the entry labelled: PCI Communication Device
4) Click Remove, OK and then Refresh
5) Click Next, �Display a List�� and then Next
6) Select Modem and then Next
7) Click Have Disk and type: D:\Driver\Modem\Pctel\w9598
8) Click OK, Next, Next and then Finish � you have now installed your modem

Installation of Drivers for the Internal Network Card

1) Ensure the Drivers CD is inserted
2) Right Click My computer and select properties
3) Click Device Manager and click the [+] next to network adapters
4) Highlight SIS 0900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
5) Click properties and driver
6) Click update driver and next
7) Search for better drivers and click next
8) Tick Specify a location
9) Type D:\DRIVERS\LAN\SIS\WIN98 (or which operating system you are using) in the space provided
10) Windows will load drivers click next and next and then finish