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This booklet has been designed to help the novice user to set up their Rock Agenda Si notebook computer with Windows 2000. Some knowledge of computers is required to follow through this booklet. If you experience any difficulties when setting up the software, contact Mobile Support Customer Services.

Please ensure all extra devices (PC cards, Modems, Network cards, external mice etc.) are removed before starting this installation.

If you have any queries regarding any part of this installation, please do not hesitate to contact the Mobile support technical support department

Please have the following disks and CD's to hand, as theses will be required during the process of installing Windows to your hard drive.

This Installation process may take up to 2 hours to install depending on the speed of your machine. Please backup any files required, as the hard drive is going to be completely wiped clean.

How To Use The F-disk Windows 2000 on your Agenda Si

F-disk is a dos based program that allows you remove any partitions from the hard drive and format the drive before installing any operating system.

1) Enter the F-Disk Program by booting from a Windows 98 boot disk
2) Choose boot without CDROM support and wait for the system to load.
3) Type "Fdisk" at A:\>
4) Enter the fdisk by pressing enter to [Y]
5) Display Partition Information by pressing [4] and note the partitions present
6) Press ESC to get back to the main menu and delete the partitions present by choosing number [3] Delete Partition or Logical DOS Drive
7) You need to remove non DOS Partitions by selecting [4] Select delete non-DOS Partition and
8) Press enter to continue.
9) You will be conformed with a message "Are you sure", Press [Y] for Yes and Enter
10) After removing Partition[s] press ESC to go back to the main screen.
11) Check to see if all partitions are removed by selecting [4] View Partition Information there should no Partitions defined and press Esc and reboot the machine.

Complete Reinstall


These instructions assume a completely blank Hard Disk. Follow, Fdisk Instructions Enclosed for a hard drive that contains information, and proceed from step 1 thereafter.

1. Switch The Agenda Si on and, when prompted on the screen Press F2 to enter set-up
2. Select Start-up and then select Boot. Using the +- Keys change the boot sequence to boot CD-ROM 1st, Fdd 2nd and Hdd 3rd.
3. Insert Windows 2000 CD and wait for windows 2000 whilst set-up loads some files
4. Press enter to set-up windows 2000 when prompted
5. Read the license agreement and, press F8 "I accept the agreement" Set by Microsoft
6. Press Enter to install using unpartitioned space
7. Format the partition using the NTFS file system and press enter
8. Please wait while set-up formats the partition. Figure shown above indicated Hard drive size in Megabytes.
9. Set-up will copy files, this may take a few minutes
10. Leave the current file system intact (no change) and set-up will examine your drive and copy files, this may take several minutes to complete
11. Your computer will boot after 14 seconds and boot into Windows and continue to set-up.
12. Windows will continue to set-up the operating system and install devices. The screen will flicker a few times.
13. Regional settings message will appear and select customise and select English (UNITED KINGDOM) and click apply and ok for the keyboard select English (UNITED KINGDOM) and click ok and next
14. Type in name and organisation if relevant
15. Carefully enter the Product ID number found on your certificate of Authenticity, which is found on the windows manual.
16. Click next on next screen administrator password
17. Change the date time and click next
18. Wait for network setting to install software and components and wait for final set of tasks this may take a few moments and click finish after the installation is complete
19. Windows will restart automatically
20. Click next if you wish not to connect an network and finish
21. Congratulations, you have now installed Windows 2000. All that is left is to install is the video drivers and modem, network card drivers - instructions are included overleaf

Installation of Video drivers on Agenda Si under Windows 2000

1. Boot into windows, you may find it difficult to view the screen due to it's resolution
2. Click my computer and open the CDROM drive, Click the SIS Multimedia package and click next to continue.
3. Select Typical Setting with is recommended
4. Click next and next again to continue with the set-up. Set-up will show a sneak preview of the SIS capabilities.
5. Restart the computer
6. Change the display Settings and colours to: If required
Colours: High Colour (16 Bit)

Installation of Sound Drivers on Agenda Si Under Windows 2000

1. Double click on My Computer and Double click [D] drive
2. Double click the SIS 7018 PCI Audio device
3. Click next on the agreement and next again
4. Error message digital signature cannot be found may appear, click yes to continue
5. Restart the notebook when complete by clicking finish. Eject the CD drive.

The Sound drivers are now installed - to test reboot the computer and you should hear a jingle as Windows restarts´┐Ż If no sound is heard check the volume on the side of the notebook.

Installation of the PCI card (modem) on Agenda Si for Windows 2000

1. Double Click My computer and double click the [D] drive
2. The modem is represented by a telephone Pctel HSP56MR
3. Double click on the modem icon
4. Click next to continue with the modem installation
5. Click finish and yes to continue with the installation

Installation of the Ethernet card on Agenda Si for Windows 2000

1. Insert the drivers CD supplied with the computer.
2. Double click the [D] from my computer
3. Once the CD spins up, double click on the SIS 630 LAN Driver
4. Click next to continue with the set-up
5. Wait for the files to be copied
6. Digital Signature may not be found, click yes to continue with the installation
7. Restart the machine after ejecting the drive

Installation of the DVD software on the Agenda Si for Windows 2000

1. Insert the Win DVD 2000 CD into the drive
2. Wait for the Auto run
3. Click the Install WinDVD 2000 tab
4. Click the install now tab and wait for the set-up to start
5. Click the next tab, agree with the licence agreement and click yes
6. Type the name of the computer usually Sigma SI and the serial number from the envelope for the CD and click next.
7. Click the next tab, select the typical installation, click next and wait for the files to be copied and click finish.
8. Install the direct x version 7 from the CD when prompted then click ok to restart the machine.