This is the RMA form for requesting the repair of your notebook.

You will need to carefully fill out the following form and provide as much information as possible. Once you have submitted your request you will be contacted by a member or our support team who will give you a call reference number and arrange collection of the machine.

Please note the following packaging rules:

For your notebook to be insured during transit, the original box must be used.

If you do not have the original box we will not be held responsible for any damage however caused.
To reduce any damage to the notebook, we recommend:

  • You pack the notebook into it's carry case.
  • Cover the carry case in bubble wrap about 10cm (3 inches) thick.
  • Place this inside a box.
  • Cover the box with bubble wrap about 10cm (3 inches) thick.
  • Place this into another box that is twice the size of the original box.

Please remember to clearly write your call reference number on the packaging.