Starview Monitors - On-Site Terms and Conditions

Please register on-line by visiting the LCD Monitor Service web site: When you have completed the on-line registration, the system will offer you a user ID and password. This will allow you to access detailed warranty information regarding the LCD monitor purchased. Also available on our website is the FAQ web page. This site contains information that will help you understand and troubleshoot most problems that you may encounter whilst using your LCD Monitor. If you need to make a warranty call, proof of purchase will always be required.

  • This agreement is not transferable
  • This agreement is valid only if you keep the proof of purchase, e.g. Invoice / receipt
  • In the event you monitor being Dead On Arrival you must notify the Service Centre
  • In the event that service is required, please contact the Service Centre

    UK SERVICE CENTRE : +44 (0) 1952 207380

    The manufacturer guarantees the end user that the product will function in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification, and will be free from all defects in material and workmanship, within a period of warranty time from date of purchase.

    The appointed Service Provider will provide a swap out of any product, which fails within the warranty time from the date of purchase. This will be carried out, provided that you keep the proof of purchase / receipt.

      1) The guarantee does not cover the following-

        a) Costs of, or performance of, modifications to products, to adapt to confirm with national or local safety laws.

        b) Loss of use of the product, consequential or indirect loss of any nature suffered by the customer

        c) Defects or failure caused by fair wear and tear; scratches, dents, accidental or wilful damage, alteration to LCD panel, negligence, abnormal use, misuse, failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions and alteration or repair by an unauthorised third party.

        d) Incorrect voltage pr power supply used or exposure to water / moisture damage or electromagnetic fields

        e) Incorrect input signal, use of unsuitable software or hardware or unauthorised modifications

        f) Image burn (continuous scanning of the same image resulting in degradation of the display)

        g) Blocked or missing pixels equal to or less than the number allowed by the LCD panel manufacturer

        h) If the serial number label affixed to the product by the manufacturer is damaged or missing, then the warranty will be void.

      2) Where no fault is found by the Service Provider on the products for service, the Service Provider may, at its discretion, charge the end user a handling free to cover investigation and transport.

      3) Spare parts will not be supplied directly to consumers for reasons of product safety

      4) Monitors that have been security marked (i.e. UV Pens, Assets Stickers etc) will be treated as Return To Base Warranty.

      Important note:
      You are advised to retain all product packaging in case the need arises to store or transport the product in the future and shall ensure that the product is packed with reasonable care.

      If you are not completely satisfied with the service you receive, please email us at: