Questions & Answers AVPC

Is my AVPC Computer year 2000 compliant?

- Yes.

How do I access the BIOS and what are the default factory settings?

- Press the F2 when the AVPC is booting up - Follow our on-line BIOS sheet

My modem doesn't connect at 56Kbps, what should I do ?

- It is not necessary that the modems have to connect at 56Kbps that is maximum connection speed and may vary depending on the quality of the telephone line.
- See our Modem Diagnostic sheet

My modem comes up with error message "no dial tone"

- Follow our Modem Diagnostic information

The DVD seems to very unstable and jumpy?

- Right click My computer then Properties and then Device Manager
- Double click the CDROM and highlight the CD Rom drive
- Click on properties and then Settings
- Place a tick in (DMA) in options box and select ok
- Restart the machine and play a DVD

I cannot get my Infrared to work?

- View Our Sorting out IR problems Under Windows document

My Video display is not working correctly?

- Check your settings and set-up the video driver with the
- Windows XP Home on-line installation manual

I have no sound coming from my AVPC?

- Check the volume control speaker icon on taskbar
- Check your settings and set-up the sound card with the
- Windows XP Home on-line installation manual

How adjust the brightness of my screen?

- To adjust the display brightness, use the adjusting wheel on the top of the AVPC next to the power button.

My mouse occasionally goes out of control, what should I do?

- The AVPC mouse uses light to control its movement. Make sure that you are using the mouse on a surface that does not reflect to much light.
- Check that there is no dirt or dust clogging the underside of the mouse ** Only do this with the mouse unplugged. The light can be harmfull to eyes.**

Why does the cooling fan only work sometimes?

- The CPU cooling fan assembly is equipped with temperature sensor and will start to run only if the CPU temperature rises above 60oC and will automatically turn-off if the temperature drops below 60oC

My AVPC seems to run very slow when booting and in windows, what can I do?

- If your machine seems to operate slower than it use to, it is recommended that you run Scan Disk and Defrag mentation from System tools
- Follow the instructions below:

- Click Start in windows and left click on Programs
- Select Accessories and System tools
- If running Scan Disk select Scan disk and choose the appropriate drive
- Place a Dot next to thorough and a tick next to Automatically fix errors and click start

- If you want to run defrag mentation that rearranges files on the hard drive to minimise loss of disk place
- Follow the instructions below:

- Click Start in Windows and left click Programs
- Select Accessories and then System Tools
- Chose Defrag mentation and Select drive ( C ) "Physical Drive" and click Ok
- After windows have finished defragging the drive restart the machine

What PCMCIA cards have been tested with the AVPC?

- See our approval list on the main support page