Installing Windows XP
Iridium Starbook 800

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This booklet has been designed to help the novice user to set up their Starbook 800 notebook computer with Windows XP operating system. Some knowledge of computers is required to follow through this booklet. If you experience any difficulties when setting up the software, contact mobile-support Customer Services on 08700 667 999.

Please ensure all extra devices (PC cards, Modems, Network cards, external mice etc.) are removed before starting this installation.

If you have any queries regarding any part of this installation, please do not hesitate to contact the Mobile support technical support department

Please have the following disks and CD�s to hand, as theses will be required during the process of installing Windows to your hard drive.

This Installation process may take up to 2 hours to install depending on the speed of your machine. Please backup any files required, as the hard drive is going to be completely wiped clean.

Setting the 1st boot device to the CD-Rom

  1. Turn the notebook on and enter the system configuration utility by pressing F2
  2. Click on the start-up menu.
  3. Now click on boot device.
  4. Please set the boot device�s as follows: 1st boot device to CD-Rom drive, 2nd Diskette A 3rd Hard disk drive C
  5. Now click on Ok
  6. Now click on the exit menu and then save and exit
  7. Now click on the ok button and the notebook will restart.

This process is now complete

How To erase the disk partitions on your Starbook 800

  1. Turn the notebook on and insert the Windows XP CD into the cd drive.
  2. The notebook will enter into the windows set-up and will start copying the setup files to the hard disk drive.
  3. When prompted press R to start the recovery console.
  4. Choose the 1st partition where the windows partition is installed (usually number 1)
  5. When prompted enter the administrator password. ( this will take you to the C:\winnt
  6. Now type DISKPART and press enter.
  7. Highlight the disk partition and press D to delete.
  8. To confirm the deletion of the partition press L.
  9. Once all the selected partitions have been erased press Esc to exit the DISKPART utility program.

How to install Windows XP

  1. 1) Turn the computer on and insert the Windows XP cd into the cd drive.
  2. 2) Please set the 1st boot device to the cd rom drive (see instructions above)
  3. 3) The notebook will boot from the cd and will copy across the setup files required
  4. 4) When prompted press ENTER to start the installation.
  5. 5) When you have read the Licensing Agreement press F8 to continue.
  6. 6) To set windows XP up onto the Un-partitioned space press ENTER.
  7. 7) Please select either NTFS or FAT partition for your file system and then press ENTER. (The installation will format the hdd and copy the installation files to the hdd)
  8. 8) When prompted change your regional settings to your desired settings and then press NEXT.
  9. 9) Enter your personal details into the two fields and press Next.
  10. 10) Enter the Windows Product Key (originally this would have been on the outer packaging of the Windows XP Pack) and then press NEXT. 11) Enter you computer name. If you require the Administrator to be set please enter it now (If this is left blank no password will be set). Press NEXT to Proceed. 12) Confirm the time and date settings and press NEXT to continue. 13) To proceed with the typical settings press NEXT to proceed. 14) Press NEXT to proceed with the Typical Settings. The installation will continue copying the required files to the hard disk drive. 15) When prompted click on OK to adjust the display settings. 16) When prompted click on OK to confirm the screen selection settings. 17) Now click Next to continue. 18) As no internet connections are set please click NEXT to proceed. 19) For your Activation method please choose NO, Remind me every few days and click next to proceed. (For Windows XP Activation see below) 20) Now set your user name \ s and press next to continue 21) Now Click Finish Setting up the internal components (The following requires the supplied drivers CD 1) Insert the driver CD into the CD � Rom drive. A dialogue box will appear. 2) Click on the DEVICE DRIVER button to start the installation. 3) When Prompted Click YES to continue with the installation. THE NOTEBOOK WILL COPY VARIOUS FILES FROM THE CD AND WILL APEAR TO RESTART. 4) When Prompted Click CONTINUE ANYWAY to continue with the installation. 5) When the files have finished copying across you will need to set the display resolution 6) To set the display resolution right click on the desktop and left click on Properties. 7) Left click on the settings tab. 8) Slide the screen resolution bar to 1024 x 768 pixels. 9) Click on the apply button. 10) Now click on yes to keep the settings. The installation process is now complete. Setting up the Intervideo WINDVD Software CD 1) Insert the Intervideo DVD software cd into the drive. When prompted click on INSTALL SOFTWARE 2) Now click on WINDVD, and then INSTALL NOW 3) Now Click NEXT 4) Read the agreement and click YES to proceed with the installation. 5) Enter your personal detals and click NEXT to proceed. 6) Click NEXT to accept the default installation directory. 7) Click NEXT to accept the default program folder. (The notebook will now copy the required files to the default installation directory) 8) Click Finish to finalize the installation. If prompted to install Microsoft HTML Help : 1) Click Next to complete the installation. Please note when using some DVD�s they try to install their own DVD software to view the DVD film. Please DO NOT INSTALL this as they tend to conflict with the WinDVD Software