Questions & Answers Starbook 505

Is my Starbook 505 Notebook year 2000 compliant?


How do I check to see what version of BIOS I have?

- - When you first switch on you will get the version displayed briefly the very top line

What is the latest BIOS?

-T he latest BIOS is R1.10. You can request it from our REQUEST page

How do I access the BIOS and what are the default factory settings?

- Press the CTRl + ALT + S key when the Agenda is booting up
- Follow our on-line BIOS sheet

My battery life is getting shorter, what should I do?

- View our battery maintenance information

My Video display is not working correctly?

- Check your settings and set-up the drivers
- Windows 98 on-line installation manual

I have no sound coming from my notebook?

- Check the volume control (speaker on the task bar)
- Check the volume control switch on the left-hand side of the Laptop. ( just above the PCMCIA port)
- Check your settings and set-up the drivers
- Windows 98 on-line installation manual

How do I get a display on an external monitor?

- Press and hold the Function [Fn] key and at the same time press the [F6] key to toggle between the different displays

How do I know when the main battery is fully charged?

- You will know the status of the battery by checking the led status indicator at the front left of the Laptop
- When you put in a battery the indicator will flash and when it stops flashing the battery is charging
- Alternatively check the Icon on the task bar

How to use the hot key for brightness control adjustment?

- To adjust the display brightness, you must press and HOLD the hot key ([Fn]+[F9] or [Fn]+[F10]) simultaneously and release the hot keys after getting the desired display clarity
- ( Please not that this adjustment is very minimal and to some eyes may not be noticeable )

Why does the cooling fan only work sometimes?

- The CPU cooling fan assembly is equipped with temperature sensor and will start to run only if the CPU temperature rises above 60oC and will automatically turn-off if the temperature drops below 60oC

Why does my Starbook 505 not have a Comm Port?

- New Laptops are now coming without external comm ports. With the new technology coming into place all machines are moving towards legacy free. ( using a single type connector - USB )

How does my touchpad mouse work?

- The touchpad is a heat sensitive device and not pressure. ( if you try using a pen tip it will not work ) If you find you get erratic movement from the mouse try using more of the tip of your finger.

How do I reload my operating system?

- Check your settings and set-up the drivers
- Windows 98 on-line installation manual

Why does the power button work instantly when the machine is running from the PSU , however when the machine is running from the battery you have to hold the power button down for 2 seconds?

- This is a security feature, as it is assumed that when your machine is not plugged into the PSU it may be in transit. This function will stop the machine from being accidentally switched on while in transit.