Iridium Starbook 400 BIOS Settings

To get into the BIOS setup press F2 when prompted, shortly after switching the computer on.
These settings are how the computer is set up when shipped from Iridium they may not be perfect for your situation and so are listed here only as a guide.

   Date and Time    Current settings
   Fast Boot    tick
   Boot Device    Diskette A
   Boot Display    Simul
   TV    PAL
   Expand    Yes
   Cache Systems    Enabled
   Internal FDC    tick
   Diskette Drive    1.44MB
   Internal HDC    tick
   IDE Settings  Drive Enabled  cross
     PIO Mode  cross
   Virus Alert    -
   COM Ports  COM A I/O Settings  COM1 3F8 IRQ4
     COM B I/O Settings  COM2 2F8 IRQ3
     Mode Settings For COM B  FAST IR
     DMA Settings for Fast IR  DMA 0
   LPT Port  Port Address  LPT1 378 IRQ7
     Port Definition  Standard AT
   Internal PS/2    tick
   Keyboard Numlock    -
   Keyboard Repeat  Key Repeat Rate  10cps
     Key Delay   sec
   Configure PCI Slot  PCMCIA IRQ  IRQ 10
     Audio IRQ  IRQ 5
     USB IRQ  IRQ 10
   Enable Power Saving    -
   Customise  Video Timeout  Always On
     Disk Timeout  Always On
     Global Timeout  Always On
     Monitor Video Activity  Enabled
   Suspend Controls  Power Button Function  Power On/Off
     Suspend Type  Powered On Suspend
     Suspend Timeout  Never
     Low Battery Suspend  Disabled
   Resume Event  Ring Resume  Disable
     Alarm Resume  Disable
   Advance CPU Controls  Clock Control Mechanism  50%
     Clock Run Enable  Enabled
     ZZ Enable  Enabled