Iridium Starbook 201 BIOS Settings

To get into the BIOS setup press CTRL, ALT and S together when prompted, shortly after switching the computer on.
These settings are how the computer is set up when shipped from Iridium they may not be perfect for your situation and so are listed here only as a guide.

  Date And Time   Current Settings
  Fast Boot   tick
  Boot Device 1st Boot Diskette A
    2nd Boot CD-ROM
    3rd Boot Hard Disk C
  Display LCD+CRT  
  Enable Battery Low Beep   tick
  Enable LCD Expand Mode   tick
  Enable Power On Beep   tick
  Enable PNP OS Support   tick
  Display OEM Logo   tick
  Enable S/PDIF Digital Output   -
  Boot Password    
  SCU Password    
  VGA Shared Memory 8Mb X
  Diskette Drivers   1.44Mb
  IDE Settings Primary HDD Drive Enabled X
      PIO Mode X
      PIO Mode X
    CD-ROM / DVD-ROM Drive Enabled
      PIO Mode X
    IDE UDMA-33/66/100 Function Enabled
    IDE 32BIT I/O Enabled
  Com Ports COM A IO settings COM1, 3F8, IRQ4
    COM B IO settings COM2, 2F8, IRQ3
    Mode Settings For COM B IrDA (HPSIR)
  LPT Port Port Address LPT1, Addr 378, IRQ7
    Port Definition Standard AT
  PS/2 Mouse Port   tick
  Keyboard Numlock   tick
  Keyboard Repeat Key Repeat Rate 10cps
    Key Delay 1/2 Sec
  Enable Power Saving   tick
  Customise   tick
    Disk Standby 5Mins
  Suspend Controls Power Button Function Power On/Off
    Suspend Type Power On Suspend
  Resume Timer Alarm Resume Disabled
  Enable MODEM Ring Resume   -
  Enable Battery Low Suspend   -
  Advanced CPU Controls Clock Control Mechanism Automatically Switched