• Blinking LED indicator to show PC 's USB port is ready.
  • Full compliance with USB Spec Rev 1.1
  • Plug & Play capability for outside peripherals.
  • Over current detection protection & recovery.
  • Reliable transmission for 5 meters cable segment.
  • Hub supports UHCI and OHCI spec.
  • Window 95/98/2000/NT5.0 compatible.
  • Controller 12MHZ processor, 1M ROM, compatible for Windows.
  • High speed serial I/O workload.
  • 16-Byte FIFOs UART, 230k to 460k baud rate.
  • Complete RS-232 modem control signals for modem, PDA and other serial devices.
  • A standard IEEE-1284 printer port.
  • Two standard mini Din 6 pin for PSII K/B and Mouse as interchanged.


    USB Lead-Bus is 4 in 1 multifunctional bus included three ports of USB Hub, one parallel port, one serial port, one PSII keyboard, & one PSII mouse. It is a medium speed (12MHZ) and low speed (1.5MHZ) Universal serial Bus (USB) Hub.USB Lead-Bus is an intelligent, expansion module that connects to a PC or server via Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, providing one high-speed RS-232 serial port, one printer port, 3 downstream USB ports and two PSII K/B & mouse port.

    It provides good performance and connection between traditional serial devices and USB devices.It consolidates low-speed and medium-speed PC and peripherals with its plug-and-play capability and provide a smart LED to indicate fault or dummy USB port directly.

    Package Includes:

    Lead-Bus 3H 1S 1P 2PSII converter
    One user's manual
    One USB cable (AB type)
    A diskette driver.

    System Requirements

    Pentium-grade CPU with USB port PC.
    An available USB type A (downstream) port.
    Auto Switching Power Adapter (Optional)
    Window 98 / Me / 2000 / XP driver.

    Trouble Shooting

    No "READY LED" light on means No Power.
    No blinking " READY LED " indicates no connection between hub and PC.
    When DV1, DV2, DV3, shows" unknown device " under device manager it indicates USB device driver uninstalled or installed unsuccessfully. Please remove " unknown device " then re-install the USB device driver.


    Windows 98 Driver

    Windows Me Driver

    Windows 2000/XP Driver