Approved PCMCIA cards
We strongly recommend that you only use aproved PCMCIA devices as we have rigorously tested these devices, and therefore can give the best support should you experience any problems.
PCMCIA Modems Cards Net-Lynx - 56.6 Fax/Modem
Pace NB56 - 56.6 Fax/Modem
Apex Data V34 - 33.6 Fax/Modem
Pace NB34 - 33.6 Fax/Modem
Psion Classic Gold Card - 14.4 Fax/Modem
PCMCIA 10Mb Ethernet Cards DLink DE-660
Premax PE-200
PCMCIA 10/100Mb Ethernet Cards Dlink DFE-650 10/100
Xircom CB3 10/100
Xircom 10/100 CardBus
the above will only work on notebooks with a cardbus controller
PCMCIA SCSI Cards Adaptec Slim SCSI 1460
ActionTec SCSI