Notepower 75

The NOTEpower 75 is a universal car adapter for portable elctronic products. It is the first compact automobile inverter on the market with CSA approval.

The NOTEpower 75 complies with all North American safety requirements, giving you an added level of comfort when you're in the market for portable power.

The NOTEpower 75 is designed to offer easy and convenient access to 70 watts of continuous household AC power from any 12 volt DC source. Simply plug the inverter into your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket or any 12-volt battery pack for instant portable AC power. The 70 watt output is sufficient to operate most multi-media and CD-ROM drive notebook computers.

Even when running at full power, the NOTEpower 75 provides a minimum of 6 to 10 hours of operating time from a typical vehicle battery.

Product Features:

  • 150 watt surge capability

  • Over voltage protection

  • Under voltage protection

  • Overload protection

  • Thermal protection

  • Small enough to fit in your hand

     Max. Continuous Power   70 W
     Surge Capability (Peak Power)   150 W
     5 minute   80 +/- 5 W
     30 minutes   75 W
     Optimum Efficiency   approx. 90% efficient
     No Load Current Draw   <0.15 A
     Output Voltage   120 VAC +9/-5 VAC
     Output Frequency   60 Hz
     Output Waveform   Modified Sine Wave
     Input Voltage Range   10.5 - 15.2 VDC
     Low Voltage Cut-Out   Yes (10 Volts)
     AC Receptacles  Single (Grounded)
     Fuse   15 Amp
     Weight (lbs.)   0.9 lbs.
     Length (in.)   4.8 in.
     Width (in.)   3.2 in.
     Height (in.)   1.6 in.