Airstation General Specifications

The AirStation standard model (WBR-G54) is used in the environment that already have an existing wired LAN system. You can access the Internet wirelessly by connecting this model to the hub of the wired LAN in the office.

This is used as a bridge and it connects to a hub of the wired LAN. It can also be used as a bridge of the wired and wireless LAN systems. This model works well with the DHCP and router in the existing LAN for multiple clients and supports up to 128-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).Because WBR-G54 does not have the router function, it requires an external router in order to share the IP address given from your provider.

Base Standard (for wireless side)
IEEE802.11b (Wireless LAN Protocol), RCR STD-33, ARIB STD-T66
(low electric data transmission system standard)

Transmission Method
100BASE-TX 4B5B/MLT-3, 10BASE-T Manchester coding

Data Transmission Speed
1, 2, 5.5, 11Mbps

Frequency Limit
2412 - 2462MHz 1-11channels

Transmission Distance
Indoors: 125m, Outdoors: 570m (1Mbps)
Indoors: 125m, Outdoors: 180m (11Mbps)

Diversity method (internal)

FCC Part 1.5, sec 15.247, ETS300-328




76mm x 171mm x 155mm (W x H x D)


Power Supply
AC100-240V and DC3.3V

Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature: 0 - 40� C

Data Transmission Speed
10/100 Mbps

LAN Interface
IEEE 802.3 and/or IEEE 802.3u
Packet : 14.880 (10 Base) & 148.810 (100 Base)
Buffer : 128 Kb
Connector type : RJ-45
Transmission Distance : 100 m

External antenna and Wall Mount Kit available.

For more information and drivers please have a look at the Buffalo Technology Website