Ergo Station

Ergo Station allows you to position your notebook at the correct angle for comfortable and healthy use. Desks should be arranged so that your screen is level with your eye to avoid bad posture. When used with an Ergo Station, your notebook's screen height can be adjusted.

By lifting your notebook off the desk, ergo station allows better air flow in and out of the cooling vents on the bottom. This means that your notebook will stay cooler for longer. This will improve battery life and reduce noise as your notebook's fans will not need to be on for as long.

A built in 4 port USB 2.0 hub allows you to connect keyboard, mouse and two other devices you use at your desk such as printer and maybe a digital camera. No more swapping of USB devices, you can plug them all in at once now. The hub is powered allowing you to use devices that can take their power from the port such as hard drives and MP3 players.


Ergo station is available from rock either with your notebook or separately.

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