Pegasus DTS - Windows XP Magazine (Nov '03)

Built on the ubiquitous Clevo chassis, this is a low powered 1.4GHz Centrino from Rock’s Pegasus range, but nevertheless has mighty multimedia potential in its 15.4-inch widescreen display and five speakers. This gives remarkably good sound on CD and DVD playback, and while picture quality isn’t as impressive as the Toshiba’s, the widescreen is very handy. You can also knock out your own creations thanks to a DVD-R/RW drive and there’s even a camera built-in to the lid for webcam functionality.

Considering the 360x273x27mm dimensions and 2.5kg weight it’s a surprisingly moveable media machine, though the three-hour battery won’t last a full DVD and integrated graphics fail with 3D games. Those seeking entertainment potential will have plenty though, plus there’s a three-year warranty.

Reasonable office performance, but great for making noise and decent value with it.

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