Quaddra XT - PC Plus (OCT '03)

Rock was one of the first UK manufacturers to take Intel’s 3.06GHz desktop P4 and shoehorn it into a laptop. The result was the impressive Quaddra XT, a machine big on processing power, big on connectivity, and just plain big. The Quaddra’s specification easily fulfils the description of a desktop replacement system and it’s been built using the latest and fastest components. Stacked with 512Mb of memory, it also impresses with an 80GB hard disk, integrated DVD/CD-RW drive, and the Mobility Radeon 9000 GPU.

At first glance it’s hard to believe that there can be a better-specced laptop than the Quaddra XT. It features three USB 2.0 ports, a FireWire interface, plus an optional Bluetooth module. Nevertheless, Rock’s DR pioneer is showing it’s age. It’s a cracking performer - SYSmark 2002 tests notched up a score of 225. But there’s no 802.11b wireless networking as standard (although this can be added via the single PCMCIA slot) and the 15in LCD feels small compared to the 15.2in and 17in screens of it’s rivals. Rock does, however, have it’s own widescreen model waiting in the wings.

What would make the Quaddra XT perfect? An updated GPU (to cope with future DX9 applications), a rewritable DVD drive and built-in WiFi. But the XT still has the raw performance to make it a contender and, with Rock’s excellent support, it’s a good package. Watch out for the updates Quaddra DTS, however, which uses the same gargantuan casing as both the Mesh and AJP machines on test this month.

  3.06GHz P4 processor, 80GB hard disk, Radeon Mobility 9000
  No rewritable DVD drive, No wireless

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