Pegasus CTS - ICT in Education (Feb '04)

Rockdirect is a UK-based manufacturer of laptops that has recently designed a line of Laptops aimed at the education market. The Pegasus CTS if the first machine to be made available by the company.

As one of the more expensive machines in this group test, you would expect it to offer the most in performance and usability. At the heart of the rockdirect is the use of Intel’s Centrino Technology, which is the first processing technology to be built with the laptop user in mind.

What this means for the user is a longer battery life and the inclusion of wireless networking. If your school has a Wi-Fi network then you will be able to connect without the nee to plug any wires in.

Powered by an Intel 1.4GHz Pentium M and fitted with 256MB of memory, the Pegasus CTS is powerful enough to run the latest applications. While its benchmarks were lower than expected, the addition of more memory at a later date should solve this problem.

Rockdirect has built it reputation on service and as such offers a three-year warranty as standard on all its laptops, far longer than any of the other companies in this review. It claims that most problems can be solved over the phone or from its website. Should the worst happen, then it promises to repair and return any laptop within 5 working days.

The Verdict:
With its mix of lightweight design and power processing, the rockdirect Pegasus CTS offers a laptop that meets the needs of the modern user.


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