Torquay Community College
Bill Hall | ICT Co-ordinator

At Torquay community college we are no strangers to technology

Many departments have already been installed with desktop pc’s and printers. These are linked to a complex network infrastructure supplying many users with the information they require.

Although these machines are efficient, many users workloads have increased, thus creating the need to work out of the typical office/classroom environment. After much consideration we discussed the idea of purchasing a batch of laptops that would assist us.

Many important factors were established. The laptops must be reliable and fit within our present ICT environment, be cost effective, thus meeting stringent budgetary guidelines.

We wanted to ensure that we used a laptop specialist supplier, this we found in After making a call to the head office we were asked many questions in order for them to obtain a good understanding of our requirements. Once established, they recommended a model that would fit our criteria and more importantly meet our budget.

The laptops ordered have met our expectations and arrived fully tested and configured, thus saving us valuable time. To date they are working well and have more than achieved the purpose they were purchased for. I would therefore recommend other colleges to contact Rock as they took the time to listen to our requests and delivered what they promised when they promised.


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