Knowsley Community College
Steve Morgan | Network Manager

We initially bought Rock Direct tablets for our I.L.T. representatives; these are members of staff from the different academic areas within the College. We had looked at other tablet solutions, but none seemed as robust as the Rock Direct, also the price was very reasonable.

We then subsequently bought two more of these for use by our Construction department onsite NVQ assessors, they use the built in camera to photograph students work and using an additional piece of software called "Sign It", the student and assessor can create evidence for the student's portfolio then and there.

We have also used two of the tablets at a "Road show" where we set up a tablet to tablet NetMeeting using their wireless capability.

All in all a really good product about which we have had zero negative feedback. Up to now we have had no requests for technical support either by
our internal support staff or for referral to Rock Direct, I think this speaks volumes about the product.




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