Sutton Coldfield Grammer School for Girls
Greg Hughes | Head of Physics & Beacon School Manager

In May 2004, I ordered a set of 16 Pegasus computers & trolley from Rock Direct for use a Sutton Coldfield Grammer School for Girls and in partner schools. We chose Rock for 3 main reasons - competitive pricing, strong feedback in PC magazines & reviews and the 3-year warranty.

I found their staff to be remarkably honest, helpful and flexible and I was impressed at their willingness to discuss details and respond quickly, via both e-mail and phone conversations.

The machines are based primarily in the Physics Department, but have been utilised all round school using the wireless connections to our school network. They have been used a lot by girls at the school, especially sixth form, and also by visiting Year 5 students from local primary schools.

All the machines have performed excellently, and the girls have been impressed with their lightweight design 4 hour battery life and especially the easy to use camera in the lid! Several students have enquired about getting one for themselves, and I am hoping in future that we might negotiate some sort of deal on this with Rock and parents. The trolley has been very easy and convenient to use as a mobile base for the machines.

Since we have now been given Science College status until 2008, we are looking to further develop our ICT use in school and improve facilities for our students. I would certainly recommend Rock Direct in future and indeed, we have purchased 2 more sets of trolleys and laptops from them.



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